Friday, July 31, 2009

Intermontane Challenge Stage 4

Tinker checked in last night with the day's update. Yesterday was not a good day for MonaVie-Cannondale. The battle is on and it's not with the other athletes. It kind of seems like war and the battle is not with the competition - it is with the course and climate. The team started with six people and three are left. Matt, the team manager and professional cyclist, said Tinker was tired and Ben had a bad crash and ended up with a concussion and amnesia, road rash, and a big shiner. Tinker said Chris and Ben were ahead of him but he found both of them in the trail with Ben unconconcious and Chris checking vital signs and trying to get him to wake up. Tinker went for help, which thankfully was less than two miles to the next checkpoint. It took an hour to get Ben out of the woods and another 45 minutes to get him to the ER. But Ben was back in the hotel room last night, and is OK.

Meanwhile, Matt urged Tinker to continue and finish the race. But Tinker got lost. Real lost. He thinks he finished 6 or 8th place for the day. He is tired and not so happy. He wants to go fishing.

The heat got the best of Matt and he decided to call it for the rest of the week. It was a good thing because he was there for Ben today. Funny how things work out that way. Matt - good luck with your boys and girl. You don't get enough kudos.... Thank you.

Jeremiah was feeling better yesterday and hoping to recover fast enough for Leadville 100.

Sue won the women's race again today - go girl!!! Love the muscle pic!

Check the team website for photos and stories.

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Mike said...

I hope everyone is alright. Hang in there!!! :)