Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intermontane Challenge Stages 2 & 3

Tinker checked in with an update of events for the last two days. The sun has continued to scorch the athletes and the midday temperatures have been in the triple digits. Chris Shepperd worked hard and made up some time but a group of four, including Jeremiah, Chris, Ben, and Tinker worked together most of the day. Tinker, has always been a conservative downhill rider so he made up time on other parts of the course. He couldn't believe the speed some of them were taking down the tight singletrack, but knows as any race goes, you must always be consistent and stay strong. Even so, Tinker suffered a little yesterday from the heat and didn't feel great after the race, but he is very happy to be able to stay in an air conditioned hotel room and not have to travel every day.

Today had a late start due to issues with land access and other local issues so they changed the length from 85 km to about 50 km. He was OK with it and felt better today. The same four pushed hard together most of the race but along with many other racers, there were problems with the course markings (mostly because the race was rerouted), second-guessing the turns, and of the four, Tinker didn't get a chance to preride so when Chris, Ben, and Jeremiah attacked at the last bit, he dropped off the back a little. Shortly after that, he found Jeremiah struggling with his bike and not looking very good. Jeremiah had crashed hard and had a big dent in his helmet and his bike was damaged. Tinker helped him to the finish and Jeremiah took an ambulance ride to the ER. There is no word on what the prognosis is for sure yet but keep checking the team website for updates ( Tinker said Jeremiah was hurting but tonight he was back in his hotel room recovering and is OK.

There are two more days of racing and Tinker is having a blast with his teammates and ready for the challenge. He also said he is enjoying the race venue very very much. Keep checking the team website for photos and the fantastic stories Bart is posting:

More tomorrow....


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