Saturday, August 01, 2009

Intermontane Challenge - Wrap up

Tinker checked in last night after he returned from what was supposed to be a quick fishing trip before the awards ceremony. They didn't have any luck at the lake and had worse luck trying to get the RV out of a rut they got stuck in. So finally after hours of trying, they headed to the saloon for much neeed food and margaritas.

In a sick, distorted way, that was an appropriate ending to the epic adventure.

Some adventures are better than others and in the global persepctive, it all sort of needs to be that way. How else can you appreciate the good, great, and incredibly awesome adventures?

The team proved to be what really good teams are - they stuck together, made the best of what was given to them and learned a lot about each other. These experiences are the basis of what goes into a good foundation. These guys and gal are among the best in the world for overcoming challenges on the bike. It is the 'off the bike' challenges and how they handle them is what makes them Great Athletes and a Team.

Today they are on their journey home. Some battered outside. Some inside.

One very deserving person is heading to the BANK! Congratulations Sue Butler! You are an incredible inspiration to all women and men. You completely ROCK! (can you tell I am a big Sue fan??) :-)

A few folks have asked about the race and what Tinker thought. Tinker and the team was very happy with the venue, town, sponsors, volunteers, and awesome trails. They have all been to enough races to know there is always one thing or another that happens at every race and can screw things up. Yes this race was no exception and had it's challenges, but overall, this is one race that will be one of the long time greats. He would love to return next time.

Many many thanks to the race promoters, volunteers, sponsors, and all the athletes. What an adventure!!

Check out the photos and stories on the Team website:


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