Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick update about the Peru Stage Race August 2009

I plan to write up a story about Peru this weekend. Short story - Peru was awesome! It was a long trip to the track but it was a great experience. Oh - and I won, Alex Grant my teammate (this is the only guy I can spell his first AND last name on my team) - he got 2nd, Bart finished 4th, and Matt Ohran our Team Manager rocked Master with 1st place and got a top 10 overall in the general class. Would leave early and stay a few days over to enjoy the beautiful country next time. I had such a busy month with Canada, Leadville, and Peru I missed home...

Here a few awesome photos from Danny. Check out Danny's website:


LowCountry Joe said...

Awesome pictures! This will at least give me something to think about while racing this weekend!

I can't wait for the full story!


Hua said...

Hey Tinker,

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Director of Blogger Networks

johann said...

Thanks for coming to Peru Tinker!
We appreciate the effort of coming during the summer season in the US.

We hope to see you here next year..