Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mammoth Returns Labor Day Weekend 2009

In between dodging the flames in my beloved San Gabrial mountains and taking cover from all the heat here lately, I stumbled across a race this Labor Day weekend that I cannot wait to go to. They are hosting a special 'Legends' party on Saturday night. Check it out and if you want to get away from the ashes here then make the drive up to Mammoth this weekend. The rooms are reasonable and there is plenty of spots left in the race.

I would love to see you there.

All Classes....



Jason said...

I thought you said you were going to Seven Springs on Labor Day Weekend in a recent interview? Conditions are the best ever, the weather forecast is perfect, and they have built an amazing 24-hour course (best one yet).

Tinker Juarez said...

Hey Jason and PA folks - the schedule was maxed out and I tried hard to fit it in but it didn't work out. Wife's mom is in Pittsburgh so we are planning something but not until after this crazy schedule lighens up....maybe the holidays?? I will keep in touch with Debbie the Cannondale rep from the area and work it in. I plan 2010 for the 24 hour race at Seven Springs tho!

John said...

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