Monday, October 12, 2009

Leave No Trace MTB Race Series is in the Books!

I managed to recruit a couple of good friends to head up to the Knickerbocker 50 & 8hr race and the Leave No Trace series final. We packed up the RV and mounted the motorcycle rack on the back hitch. I had a brand new hitch mounted on the front just so we could carry bikes and scooter or whatever on the back. So Ed Kocina, Roger Carlson, and I headed up to Auburn early Friday morning. The plan was Ed would support and Roger and I would race the 8 hours and Roger the 50 mile event.

We found a nice campground 10 miles away from the race. It was right next to the American river so of course the first thing we wanted to do is get the fishing poles set up and relax after a long day in the car. We would starve if we didn’t have a big batch of spinach fettuccini with pesto chicken and vegetables that Terri made for the trip. We had a nice night and it was a great way to unwind before the race.

The race course was the same as the first event when it rained the whole time and I raced for 24 hours in that sick slick mud. But this time the course was dry and dusty. And in dry conditions, it was super fast. The May race was 4 inches of mud but this one was 4 inches of dust. There was one pond on the course about 3 miles into the course and I wanted to stop and go fishing. I guess I just wanted to fish, period.

Anyway, I was in the lead on lap #6 about 5 hours and 72 miles into the race, and I wanted to stop. I’ve been sick lately and my body was rebelling. From the start, I wanted to get as much of a lead as I could and I pushed it hard. I knew Dave and Dez were there and they are always touch competitors. But with a couple of major races left, I didn’t want to take any chances of getting worse or injured, so I stopped. It has been a long season and the endurance races are hard. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and I knew I had already won the four race series grand prize scooter and wanted to win the race, too, but felt it was more important to leave some reserves in the tank for the next two months of trips.

Men’s series point leaders.

Series winners with their scooters.

Roger had a disappointing race. He had to pull out early due to the difficulty he had with his prosthetic leg and making the climbs. He had to hike for most of the course but he had a really good workout and enjoyed the rest of the day.

We never did make it to that pond to fish.

The along with Auburn Cycles has been putting on these excellent races and I want to thank them all, the family, crew, support, and volunteers for such a great season. Thank you thank you!!

Race Promoter Jim Northy, Melanie Dominguez, and me with the scooters.

Jim Northy sent all the photos. There is one picture Jim is most proud of. He only had 5 bags of trash and Kathie and Jim went through it and came up three bags of recyclable stuff. That's great with a few hundred people and only 5 bags of trash!! That's why they call it the Leave No Trace" series. Next year plan to take all the recyclable stuff and turn it in and take the money and put it back into the trails we all love so much!!

Leave no trace trash & recyclables.

Next year I hope to get the team out for the globalbiorhythm events stage race in September. Check out their excellent blog stories and the Adventures of Dez on: LNT Blog.

I want to send out a huge thank you especially to Ed, Roger, and Pico for coming out. Pico has been supporting me for all four races and I knew with him there my bike would be performing at tip top shape, so I had no worries about that. Any time I’m in NorCal, I look forward to working with the best mechanic around. Ed and Roger put up with me being so anxious about getting home yesterday because I miss my family and I have to leave here in about 2 hours for a long trip to Iron Biker in Sao Paolo Brazil.

I have to go pack my bike up now, and will try and post during the next week from Brazil. Check out the team website for updates on this next adventure: We will be visiting the main MonaVie Brazilian headquarters and meeting up with the makers of the products. I can’t wait to tell them in person how much I love MonaVie and especially the Emv.



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Steve said...

Hey Tinker - I'm a local expert class racer that raced the Leave No Trace series. I just wanted to say thanks for coming up here to race with us. You really inspired me to push myself harder than ever. We especially appreciated the good natured, humble attitude you brought with you as it was infectious to all the participants and made for a really fun environment. We hope you will come back next year and continue to inspire.