Saturday, November 14, 2009

La Ruta Stage 3 update story from Tinker

Tinker checked in late yesterday with a report. He is tired but ready for the final stage on Saturday.

"Things went a lot better today, I led half race with most of the hardest parts and climbing up the volcanos. I took the lead early with at least 2 min lead. Bishop caught me at the top of the volcano. At one point I had a 5 min lead and kept trying to hold off the group behind me but they were working together. Bishop was the only rider to ride away from the group and he just caught me right at the very top. We were so glad we had our jackets and arm warmer. We started heading down hill and half way down there was a climb that was pretty long and almost near the end of the climb he started riding away. It was hard to get traction since I was just pounding over rocks on my Flash and his Scalpel cruised over them really easy! I looked back and two more rider were getting near me so I tried to go down hill fast, but this part of the down hill was really rocky so I went very easy. One guy broke his chain so now I was back in 3rd place and started riding faster, because the down hill was better for me. I got off the dirt and headed on a very fast road but it was raining and had to be very careful in all the tight twisty turns. Someone told me to turn right onto the dirt and as I was starting to climb. I looked back and there was Bishop, then another guy waved us to come back so we turn around got back on the road we just were on and went the direction that I was originally going. Now me and Bishop were flying down the wet rainy road following the guy on the motorcycle. We must have lost about 8 or 10 min but he finally showed us the right way. It was only 1 km away and two more of our team mate caught us and we all finish together with me crossing in 3 place.

I hope you can make since of what I wrote. sorry a little tired.


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