Saturday, November 14, 2009

La Ruta Stage 3 Video and update is closely tracking the La Ruta race with tons of interviews, reports, videos, and updates. This is the excellent video of Stage 3 showing the team pushing hard along with the rest of the top riders through the mud and rain. The team had an excellent day.

Tinker made up for his bad day on Stage 2 and finished tied with Ben for second place. However, due to Tinker's DNF in Stage 2, his time did not count for the overall. He is on a mission, however, following suite with the theme of the event - as a Conquistador.

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Stage 3 La Ruta de los Conquistadores

Colt From Cyclingdirt
November 13, 2009

Monavie-Cannondale team worked their way up the volcanoes on Stage 3. Tinker Juarez did an outstanding climb towards the Irazú Volcano, he ascended like it was his last climb.

Jeremiah Bishop followed Juarez with a gap of close to 3 minutes along with Deiber Esquivel and Marc Trayter, both trying to break the trio apart and move upfront on the hunt for Tinker.

Manuel Prado fell back throughout the climb, he mentioned that this was nit his day and thanked the outstanding labor of his teammate Benjamin Bostrom did to give Prado enough leverage to make it to the finish line and stick to his overall leadership of the race.

The Irazú and Turrialba Volcanoes, both covered with clouds, greeted racers with a cold and wet passage through the surrounding forests. Abandoned roads of rocky terrains at an angle inviting racers to fly head first down the slopes towards the town of Turrialba hosted a cold and extremely technical route.

Costa Rica's Adriana Rojas continues ahead of the pack of women. A solid display of technical skills and strength in the past 3 stages could get her in the 1st place in the podium on the last stage tomorrow.

Stage 4 is composed of 121 kilometers of dirt roads, defying climbs and an eternal railroad segment that will lead racers to the Caribbean coast, north of the port of Moín, Limón. Racers will ride a final 12 kilometers of marshy, abandoned roads parallel to the coast.


Men’s Stage Results:
1. Deiber Esquivel – 03:53:01
2. Benjamin Sontaag – 04:01:33
3. Alex Grant – 04:01:34

Women’s Stage Results:
1. Louise Kobin – 04:58:30
2. Adriana Rojas – 05:01:50
3. Emma Smith – 06:11:12

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