Saturday, November 14, 2009

La Ruta Stage 4 by

Tinker checked in just now, about 9:30 PM pst. They have to be up in a few hours to head home after this brutal, magical, amazing race. Here is what he had to say:

"It's been a very long day, but over, Thank God. I didn't do too bad today , but before the railroad track my seat bag was falling off and I had to hand it to the crew that was fliming the team, but that didn't get coordinated quite right when I ended up needing it. The last few miles looked very good since I didn't flat riding the train track, but with just 3 mi or so I was racing for 3 place and got a flat so I rode on the flat tire to the finish line since I didn't have a tube. I ended up with 8th place for the day and I think so I'm just happy I had 2 good days. It's late right now and I have to wake up at 4:30 am which means I'll be home to my wife and son who I miss very much!"

It has been a long season and we miss you very much, too, Tinker.

We wish a safe journey to all the athletes....

Stage 4 La Ruta de los Conquistadores

Colt From Cyclingdirt
November 14, 2009

As if the previous day wasn’t enough, the Caribbean weather opened its clouds and rain fell from the heavens all of last night and throughout the entire day.

Yet what for many might be terrible weather for some it means no more than a day at their hometown slopes with the cool water keeping them sane, or must we say insane?

Setting an amazing pace the compact leading group left the town of Turrialba towards the railroad tracks in the lowlands where one of the main highlights, besides riding on the tracks for over 50 kilometers were the railroad bridges over some of Costa Rica’s most ferocious rivers.

Special carts were created to transport some of the racers across the bridges, mainly those that were affected by vertigo.

The level of the rivers, high in volume roaring down from the many mountains forced the organization to detour the race to a new course which led racers nearly 20 kilometers on a parallel highway. Cars, buses and trucks were now also involved in the race, beeping as racers passed and taking pictures of the racers while they passed them along the way. An entire country participated on this event.

Flat tires, blown gear sets and broken rims were the seen all through this section.

At the end, Manuel Prado, a true conqueror and a humble man faithful to his roots shower the leg-power that brews on the mountains of Costa Rica.

Congratulations to Manuel Prado, Alex Grant, Deiber Esquivel, Louise Kobin, Adriana Rojas, Emma Smith and 219 racers from all over the world on the completion of this challenging event.

1 Deiber Esquivel 4:34:15
2 Benjamin Sonntag 0:00:17
3 Manuel Prado 0:02:46
4 Alex Grant 0:02:47
5 Carlos Abellan Ossenbach 0:04:53
6 Roberto Heras 0:11:10
7 Jeremiah Bishop 0:15:06
8 Luis Diego Sibaja 0:17:44
9 Bart Gillespie 0:17:45
10 Marc Traiter 0:22:04
11 Kris Janssens 0:29:30
12 Juan Ignacio Mendez 0:31:53
13 Alfredo Acosta Gonzalez 0:34:59
14 Alban Figueroa 0:35:50
15 Cory Wallace 0:37:56
16 Simon Tremblay 0:40:20
17 Esteban Pacheco Quiros 0:41:11
18 Brayan Alders 0:45:45
19 Eduard Hernandez Teixidor 0:58:38
20 Samuel De La Sotta 1:01:19
21 Oscar Marin Jimenez 1:06:55
22 Daniel Garcia Matamoros 1:11:13
23 Arnoldo Loaiza 1:14:52
24 Sebastian Conejo 1:29:55
Women Result
1 Louise Kobin 5:13:00
2 Adriana Rojas 0:26:16

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