Friday, November 06, 2009

Suwanee Fat Tire Festival & World Famous City Cycle!

Promoting the Festival!
I'm getting ready to head to Costa Rica for the La Ruta de los Conquistadores and desperately trying to catch up with blog posts and the rest of the stuff going on lately, especially getting ready for the race. I cannot head out for this big trip without a report about the awesome trip to Florida for the Suwanee Fat Tire Festival and to visit my very good friend Drew Johnson of the World Famous City Cycle in Jacksonville, FL.
Drew's World Famous City Cycle mobile

Drew, me, and some riders

Ride leader and me
The trip started with a nice evening hanging out and catching up with Drew at his cool place. He fed me real good, and was incredibly patient as I was beat from just getting back from Brazil the night before heading to FL. The Florida weather was just perfect and we headed to the White Springs where the Festival was staged. What a beautiful place, right on the Suwanee River. I went and bought a new fishing pole and bait and got a couple of short hours relaxing on the shoreline, dazing off, and watching the Spanish moss sway in the big trees. Oh and I caught a bunch of fish I let go. It was awesome. I don't catch fish all that often so this was awesome. Fishing is sort of my 'therapy' and it's all about sitting, relaxing, not worrying about what food to eat or not, riding, sleeping right, and all the other things I have to do every minute of every day to keep my fitness and perform optimally. It is exhausting so this fishing thing is really a great get away from all that and I'm hooked. I just kick myself for not finding this when Terri and I lived on a lake in Florida! I might have never left....

The Festival was a blast. They had great rides, excellent food, and it was nice not having to stress about racing and kicking back with my good friend. One thing I wish I could redo was instead of fishing I wish I could have hung out for dinner one night I sort of bailed. I think my brain was too tired and with all the traveling and being 'ON' since Interbike, I was mush. One other thing I wish I could redo is on one of the rides two ladies missed a technical climb and crashed. I don't know what I was thinking and maybe I was somewhat bashful and didn't want to embarass them, but I wish I would have stopped and helped them try again to make that climb. It's been bugging me ever since. Sorry ladies.... I hope you go back and try again and again until you make it. I know you can.

What a beautiful place

Well, I really want to thank the bike club, the Festival promoter, Drew Johnson & World Famous City Cycles, Nixon and the Cannondale Demo Crew, and everyone for a really great time!

PS - the photos were from Mick Shea:

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