Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Preliminary Approval"

Out with the old....

We are getting ready for Christmas and the ultimate gift to each other... a new home. Many of you already know my mom has always lived with me and taken care of the management of my career and everything else. Now that Terri and Joshua are part of the family, we needed to re-think our roles and living arrangements and we fell in love with a new home in Whittier, walking distance to the hills and trails in Turnbull Canyon, closer to my beloved training area in the Glendora mountains, and only about 5 miles from Terri's work. The house has an apartment for mom and plenty of space and privacy. Downtown Whittier is a quaint, adorable town with everything we need less than a mile away. There is a lot of history in Whittier, too, and the historical society has done a great job with keeping the look and feel of the historic town as close as possible to the beautiful original personality.

We sort of did this backwards, and had not sold the old house yet so it's been a ton of work getting everything together for the loan, getting the old house on the market, sweating out both, and driving our Coldwell Banker Alliance realtor nuts. But on Thursday we got the news we had "preliminary approval" for the new house. Hallelujah! Also on Thursday, we accepted an offer on our old house. What a day that was!! So Friday after work Terri met Joshua and I at the new house and we sat on the front porch and watched the rain and celebrated. It might be a little early but this has been a long process with not being sure and we were scared to get our hopes up too much. It sure felt good to say here is our new home where we will spend many years, watching Joshua grow, and living our new life together.

Our realtor is Elizabeth Przybyla who is a wonderful person and an excellent realtor with the patience of Jobe. If you live in the area and are looking for the best of the best of realtors then call Coldwell Banker Alliance and ask for her. With her marketing strategy, our buyer found us in less than a month. We know they will be happy here and wish them a wonderful life. We will dearly miss this home, the wonderful neighbors, the neighborhood, and Wilderness Park being so close. I bought this house just before the Olympics in 1996 and experienced the height of my career here. All my training and life has been here and I always thought I would never move but that was before I got married and things have changed. This move is the most positive thing I can think of doing for our future and our family. But that packing and moving part is not something to be so easy! We have a lot to do before the 2010 season starts.

In with the new!!


Kevin said...

Congratulations on the new house Tinker. I'm sure you will have many memories and attachments formed at your new home.

It was nice to finally meet you at the Knickerbocker race in October and chat about fishing and biking.

Kevin Klinefelter

WVcyclist said...

Tinker! I just did an interview with a bike shop in West Virginia and he stated that you visited his bike shop before - Do you recall a LBS called Fat Tire Cycle in Buckhannon West Virginia?