Wednesday, January 28, 2009

12 Hours of Temecula 2009 Race Report

I've been taking a little time off the bike and blog, recovering from the holidays, and enjoying some family time camping in our new RV. Last weekend we headed to Temecula for the 2009 12 Hours of Temecula mtb race. I know it is really early in the year but it has been way too long since the last really good fun race in (yeah I know it was only a couple of months ago but....).

So it was all about having fun, camping, and enjoying a great ride. My wife, son, mom, her boyfriend, one of her friends, my buddy Ed and his Wife, and two of my sisters and their husbands all came out too!! The whole gang was there and it was great seeing everyone cheer me on. (Isn't this what mtb racing is all about??!)

Sister Yvonne with nephew Sebastian and my boy Joshua

Jason (the race promoter/Intense Cycles) and his wife are always such nice people and it is a real treat to get a chance to see them. This same race last year had about 150 people racing. This year there were over 540 or something like that and they are the reason. They put on a fun race and people love the good swag and the excellent venue. (Thank you!)

When we lined up I was not expecting such a huge crowd at the line. It was great! It was also a bit tough passing since there was so much single track but everyone was polite and professional about it. I had my Garmin GPS on for three laps but realized I was paying way too much attention to it so I left it at the camp....I knew by about hour 8 I would be hurting and I might have been tempted to chuck it!

I was right...There was 1359 feet elevation in 9.1 miles. Here is the Geoladders link to the course: Course I ended up in first place with 15 laps ....the math: 20,385 ft & 136.5 miles and it turned out that I finished 5th place out of all the teams. Dam that hurt. And it was a blast! Here is the Geoladders link to the results: Results What a great course, too. The rain the couple of days before made it just perfect.

The competition keep me focused and on guard the whole time. The top 4 or 5 solo pros were always lurking just a few minutes back and I knew a mechanical or crash would close the gap I worked so hard at making. I did not get a break at all and that is what I like - great competition! After the race I was so beat and my son was a handfull after playing so hard all day but he did not want to go to sleep. Before I knew it I missed the awards ceremony and I want to apologize for not making it. I really wanted to shake hands with you solo guys and thank you for a great race. Awesome.

Oh I've got to mention one important milestone... Joshua raced in his first bike race! Here he is on the right with Terri lining up with the rest of the kids. She said he wanted to be right in front and he had his game face on. He rode his Strider with a little help from Mom and Uncle Chris.

A huge THANK YOU to my friend Ed Kocina of Premier Tank, Inc. for feeding me, keeping me hydrated, and making sure I had everything I needed all day long (yep that is a plug for his tank company - my wife is in the water business and Premier is one of my personal sponsors). This guy has seen me at my worst and he still likes me. :-).
I also wanted to thank Cannondale and Niterider for their support. Dr. Laffey and the Cannondale rep Steve Kwait were out there with the Cannondale demo truck and Tommy from Niterider made sure the night was bright for me. Thank you!

We hope to make it out again soon and want to thank Jason for an awesome weekend racing.

Peace out,


Friday, January 09, 2009

The Great Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival

This year should be better than last year and that will be difficult to do!

Be cool

Be Groovy


Monday, January 05, 2009

Review of Dred Tred on Socaltrailriders

Hey I love it when someone sends me thoughts on my sig Kenda Dred Treds. Here is one from SoCaltrailriders. Thanks for the kudos! Oh and don't be scared of the 1.8s - it is one of my preffered rides.