Sunday, May 31, 2009 on Mohican 100

Just a quick note to post the article wrapping up the Mohican 100. It was great weather, super nice people, and a good turn-out. My story later...

Click here for the article by Fred Drier: Bishop outfoxes a small group....

Men Podium 1-6
Photo credit: Fred Drier

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cape Epic Story in **NEW** XXC Mag

When Jason Mahokey emailed me and invited me to contribute to an article in the new XXC Magazine, I was flattered and happy to contribute. What I didn't expect was the fantastic job he did and the high quality work in an 11 page article depicting my blog stories about the Cape Epic.
Check out the article and the 2nd edition of XXC Mag on-line at XXC #2
I already bookmarked this site and plan to keep an eye out on the stories. What an excellent mag and great stories!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In fond memory of Steve Larsen

One thing I shall never get used to is the news of a fellow cyclist passing away. When I read the news about Steve, it really got to me. This guy was a great competitor and challenged me and brought out the best in me. I worked my tail off to compete with him and for that challenge, he put high marks on my career. When he was racing mountain bikes he was one of the toughest competitors that I really had to focus on to beat.

I am really just sad to know that somebody that was such an inspiration to mountain biking had to leave so soon leaving behind his family. I saw Steve in Vegas last year. He was so upbeat and talkative. It was nice to see him happy and as he always has, his competitive side was showing. I am very sad to see this happen. I cannot imagine leaving 5 kids behind and I wish all the best to the family through this tough time. We lost a good person for this sport. He had so much talent and it is sad to see him go. I will always look up to him as one of the toughest competitors I have ever challenged in mountain biking.

Be thankful for every day and every breath.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mohican 100 MTB Race

What do you do when you've got 6 weeks between races?? Schedule an event of course! Our team, Cannondale, Kenda, and others will be heading to Ohio for race #2 of the NUE series. It should be fun.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Drum roll please....

We are pleased to introduce the new MonaVie energy drink!!!


I got my case of samples in today and this is better than any other energy drink on the market today.

Now go get on the juice and go ride your bike!!!


What's in it:


Acai is a small, round, dark-purple berry with amazing nutritional properties. Its appearance is similar to that of a grape, but it has a smaller amount of pulp and a single large seed. Experts have referred to the acai berry as the most nutritious and powerful food in the world.


The traditional apple being added to MonaVie is both delicious and nutritious. Apples are rich in antioxidant polyphenols.


A bright red, soft, and juicy fruit, acerola has been eaten for centuries by the natives of the Antilles, Central America, and Northern South America. Also called the Barbados cherry, acerola is known for having high concentrations of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, acting as an antioxidant.

Camu Camu

A low-growing shrub found throughout the Amazon, camu camu is round and red when young and dark purple when ripe. These fruits are about the size of lemons and contain a significant amount of vitamin C.


This fruit originates in the south and southeastern parts of the Brazilian Amazon. It is strong and pleasant smelling, known for its volatile aroma. The endocarp is white and soft, the pulp having a sour and highly-flavored taste.


Grapes belong to the Vitaceae family and are grown and harvested worldwide. They contain cardio-friendly antioxidants such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol.


Originally from Europe and Asia, pears have a soft, buttery, and somewhat grainy texture. The white to cream-colored flesh of pears was once referred to as the "gift of the gods."

Proprietary Energy Blend...

Palatinose (Generic name: Isomaltulose)Isomaltulose is a novel and natural carbohydrate energy source. It is found naturally occurring in honey and sugar cane extract. This unique carbohydrate metabolizes more slowly when compared to sucrose, (table sugar) and maltose (malt sugar).

Because it is not metabolized as quickly, energy levels are longer and more sustained. Unlike other carbohydrates that are digested slowly, isomaltulose is digested completely, which means no gastric discomfort like those experienced by consuming sugar alcohols and fiber based sweeteners.

Isomalutose is also kinder to teeth than sucrose and is not readily fermented by oral microbes. Recent studies of isomaltulose have shown it can help promote a steady stream of energy over a longer period of time.

The consumption of isomaltulose when compared with sucrose and glucose leads to lower blood glucose and lower insulin responses. This means that the body experiences a more gradual rise in the sugar available to provide energy to the cells and a more gradual decline.

So the energy provided by isomaltulose is available to tissues that need energy such as muscles and the brain longer than if sucrose was consumed. These benefits may help consumers to avoid the peaks and valleys associated with high sugar energy alternatives.

Isomaltulose, is sweet and soluble and tastes like sugar which makes it ideal for the production of the next-generation of energy drinks. Most energy drinks are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and caffeine for a quick jolt, but can often leave you feeling foggy and jittery.

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Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a Brazilian herb that is considered "GRAS" (generally recognized as safe). It has become a popular addition to energy drinks due to its natural caffeine content. Traditionally, guarana has been used as a safe and natural physical mental pick-me-up. Today, guarana is mostly used for energy and performance.

Green tea

Cultivated originally in East Asia as a large shrub tree, green tea now grows throughout Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa. People have been drinking green tea (Camellia sinensis) around the world for centuries. Studies suggest that green tea has many health benefits due to its antioxidant polyphenol content.

Green tea may also help boost metabolism and increase alertness primarily due to its natural caffeine content.


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is native to South America that has been used since ancient times as a staple food crop. Maca has been long known in folklore for its aphrodisiac and energizing properties. Also known as Peruvian ginseng, animal and in vitro studies indicate that maca may have considerable promise as an energizing plant.

Maca has a long history of use as a medicinal plant used by both men and women to improve a sense of well being.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is native to subtropical South America in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. From reports of traditional use, its physiological effects are similar to (yet distinct from) more widespread beverages like coffee and tea. Users report a mental state of wakefulness, focus and alertness.


Ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been referred to as the king of all herbs. The root offshoots to make ginseng are harvested after 4 to 6 years of growth. In China, ginseng is widely used medicinally, to promote longevity and is said to improve quality of life.


Ribose is a carbohydrate that when combined with other components form the energy currency of the cell. Ribose can serve as a precursor to stimulate the production of ATP (cell energy) in laboratory studies. The theory behind consuming large amounts of ribose is that it may maximize ATP stores and, therefore, increase cellular energy stores.


L-tyrosine, a non-essential amino acid, is a precursor to adrenaline (ephedrine) naturally formed in the body. Because of its role in the body, tyrosine may be involved with helping the body cope with stressful situations.

Acerola (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin needed by the body for hundreds of vital metabolic reactions. Due to relatively new research, intake requirements (RDA) for vitamin C have been increased.

Vitamin C's involvement in multiple metabolic pathways and its antioxidant properties, make it an important nutrient to consume daily to help maintain proper cell metabolism and tissue health.

B-complex Vitamins

B-complex consists of essential vitamins important for many physiological and metabolic functions. B vitamins are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat into energy. The B-complex vitamins included in MonaVie's EMV are vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chris Crideford's Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness

A few weeks ago, we found out about a guy on a mission to raise money for breast cancer research in the UK. Since then, the 60+ year old has embarked on his journey and will finish within the next week. We've been watching his progress and praying for him since it has not been easy. He is apparantly nuts, because he is not a cyclist, and has never even ridden much until he started training for this ride. We wanted to share his mission with everyone - even though we get a lot of requests for helping this or that charity, this is an unusual commitment and admirable endeavor. Whatching the progress on the trip tracker is sort of like a reality show but better because it is something we can relate to.

Here is his story:
Chris Crideford and his chariot for the journey in Britain

On April 26th, Chris Crideford, a 60+ year-old builder from the UK, set off to ride his bike from the bottom (Land’s End) to the top of Britain (John O’Groats in Scotland) - a distance of 875 miles [in British weather!!] to raise money for breast cancer research. His wife and mother have suffered with breast cancer and research from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Foundation helped them. The two women are alive today because of it.

Having this close experience with cancer has made Chris truly value the research of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, who work relentlessly to develop safer, gentler and more efficient ways of treating breast cancer and preventing it occurring.
Since Chris started his ride at Land’s End (extreme southwest tip of Britain) on April 26, he has completed about two thirds of his journey. By May 7, he had now covered all of England and crossed the border into Scotland. Unfortunately, the predicted bad weather turned out to be accurate - he has had to battle strong winds and rain almost every day. He is carrying a tent and was planning to camp alongside the road, in cow fields, behind a pub, etc. But he and all of his equipment have been so wet by the end of each day’s riding that he has spent most nights in bed and breakfasts, youth hostels, and in some cases, the houses of complete strangers. Pretty much everywhere he has gone and had a chance to talk to locals, they have dipped their hands into purses and wallets and contributed to the cause. Some have bought him meals, others have run home and come back a few minutes later with food parcels, and the guest houses he has stayed in have sent him off each morning with bacon sandwiches and other such goodies. So, despite the rain, he is making excellent progress and is enjoying the trip. He has raised almost $3,000 so far and met a lot of nice people along the way. He is expected to reach John o’ Groats (population 300) on the northeast coast of Scotland within a week.
If any of you feel inclined to donate to this charity by sponsoring his bicycle ride, a link is provided below. I can almost guarantee that the ride won’t kill him, and even if he doesn’t make, your donation still goes to a good cause. Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.

The website for making a donation is:

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Coolest 24 Hour Wrap Up

The event was all for a great cause and it was really great to be able to be a part of it for the first time. This is definitely a worthy cause and northern CA has some of the best riding in the US but what happened with the weather was something we couldn't have any say so about. If I had to fly, it would have been a disaster, but we took the camper and that made it. Plus, Pico of the Hub Cycles was there wrenching for me - I do not know how to thank him enough. The promoter of the race said that in her 25 years of promoting races, she has never seen something so bad. They stopped the race 2 hours short of 24 hours - it was just a big wet muddy mess and I think everyone was relieved. I was determined to do what it took to get the job done. I had to make up for what I think was not stellar performance early this year, plus this is one of 4 races in the series and the man with the most miles wins the scooter.

Pico is a guy that has been around a long time and worked a lot on downhill bikes and the riders. I was very lucky to have an experienced mechanic that worked hard and did what had to be done. He worked with some of the best downhill riders in the world and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with him, too. Thanks Pico! I could not have been able to finish this race without you. Can't forget Ed and Mom. Of course, Mom is Mom and she knows what to do and always is happy to get the job done. Ed is an excellent mechanic, too, but as my long time friend, he knows me and is always on top of what I needed. He even drove the whole way there and back. I couldn't have asked for a better support team.

In the end, I finally turned things around, considering it rained from the start to the end. These kind of races really wear on a person and especially the bike. Thank God I brought 2 bikes, so I was able to swap them out. The Cannondale Taurine rocked and stayed light weight and the Scalpel was a nice steady comfortable cruise. Pico kept them clean and even had to swap the entire brake system out at one point. Awesome. Oh and I want to thank all my sponsors - I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your support - and you are the perfect mix. I rode the Kenda Karmas on the Stan's ZTR 7000 Race Wheels for the Lefty. I refueld with Honey Stinger bars, gels, and chews , Mom's burritos, Terri's pasta, and MonaVie. The Tifosi's kept the mud out of my eyes! ODI grips are without a doubt the best on the market. They stay put and make it so easy to maneuver in any condition. My Crankbrothers pedals are the best! I will be trying out the latest model soon, so I'll let you know how they are. If I missed anyone, please forgive me, but I want everyone to know how much my sponsors mean to me - all of them. Thank you thank you thank you...

Here are a few photos from and my friend Ed.

All the little signs posted along the road here are photos of people that had cancer. This was "Memory Lane". I remember one photo of a woman that was pregnant One guy told me two of the photos at the top of the hill were his family. What do you say in response to that? Damn, I'm so sorry. All the cheerful faces definitely kept people going.
Thanks to all the competitors, promoters, and spectators that kept us going. It was so amazing to see such happy people despite such tough conditions.

Photo Credits: Brian Joder -

Photo Credits: Ed Kocina - Premier Tank, Inc.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Auburn Journal Article of the Wild, Wet Weekend

Recovering from the wet weekend today and will write up a story later, but here is a good overview of the race:

Auburn Journal "Wet, wild win for Juarez"

It was a tough race and I'm glad to be home and dry. The coolest part is the race raised >$40,000 for the Dream Foundation. Now that is cool.

Wet, wild win for Juarez

Round-the-clock rider logs roughly 182 miles in rain-shortened Coolest 24 Mountain Bike Race By Todd Mordhorst, Journal Sports Editor

Michael Kirby/Auburn Journal
Tinker Juarez of Downey, Calif., crosses Knickerbocker Creek on Saturday during the Coolest 24 Mountain Bike Race.

COOL — Tinker Juarez managed to pedal his bike around the slick, sloppy course at the Coolest 24 Mountain Bike Race 14 times between Saturday at noon and Sunday morning.

By the end, he almost needed a boat.

The four-time U.S. 24-hour solo champion added another well-earned victory to his Hall of Fame resume with a signature performance. He rode a total of around 182 miles in a race that was shortened to 22 hours and saw several top contenders drop out early due to the miserable conditions.

“The last thing I was thinking was that it would rain like this the entire race,” said Juarez, who turned 48 earlier this year. “There was a little break at night, but you still had to deal with the slime and the slip, so you still had to slow down.

“I actually felt really good. I’ve done a lot of races this year and I haven’t had that good feeling that I need the day of the race. In this one, everything came together, finally.”

A chorus of several hundred screeching brakes signaled the start of the third annual race, which race director Jim Northey said was filled to its 700-rider capacity. The course roughly followed Olmstead Loop behind the Cool Fire Station. This year’s route included 1,800 grueling feet of climbing.

The relentless rain could not dampen the spirits of the competitors, whose entry fees helped raise more than $40,000 for The Dream Foundation, a non-profit, wish-granting organization for adults, many of whom are cancer victims.

Juarez led from the get-go on Saturday. An early challenge from two-time Coolest 24 single-speed solo champion Dez Wilder pushed Juarez to a remarkable first-lap time of 57 minutes, 48 seconds — the fastest lap time by more than two minutes. The Cannondale-sponsored rider won a $100 bonus for the fastest lap on top of his $900 check for his first place finish.

His eyes, which were splattered with mud throughout the first half of the race, paid the price.
“I was a little nervous because I didn’t have a fender at first,” Juarez said. “Our mechanic saved the day. I was desperate. I didn’t think I would be able to make it through the night with the way my eyes felt.

“But we got that fender on there and it was night and day. My eyes were starting to get bad, but that fender saved me.”

Juarez will be back in Northern California in June for the Coolest 24 Boggs Mountain, also directed by Northey.

The four-man single-speed team from Victory Velo turned in an impressive 17 laps to win its division.

Full results were not available at press time. Visit for results later this week.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bike Sport News Cover!

It makes Mom very proud and smile a lot when she gets to see her son on the front cover of a magazine. Especially when it is the top bike magazine for the country! Here is Germany's Bike Sport News cover for May.