Monday, September 28, 2009

Tinker's Interbike Expo Adventure

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2009 Ultra Endurance Race Series Finals - Win for Tinker!

Tinker crossing the finish line winning the Tahoe Sierra 100 over 24 minutes ahead of 2nd place.
Go Tinker!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Q Cycle and Exustar Rock!

Check out the Q Cycle website! Q Cycle is the official US Distributor of Exustar Products. Exustar provides Tinker's gloves, carbon bottle cages, hydration packs, and a multitude of other really awesome gear. Q wrote up an awesome summary of the Peru MTB race last month and became official in the US in September. Thank you Q Cycle and Exustar! We look forward to your continued success!!

Stop by the Exustar/Q Cycle booth at Interbike and see what they are all about. They have a full range of excellent quality products and now that Q cycle is bringing it all here to us, we will be seeing much more of them. Tell them Tinker sent you! And if you have time Thursday morning Tinker will be at the booth so come by and say HI.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tahoe Sierra 100 quick note

It has been three years of trying to win one of the NUE 100 series races and FINALLY, the right bike, training, rest, and it all came together. The Flash rode like a magic carpet flying through the beautiful Tahoe Sierras. I had a couple of missed turns but must have learned something from the Kamloops race and went back and found my way. What an awesome race. Jim and the rest of the gang at Globalbiorhythms was once again on top of it and the race course was well marked and well organized. The accomodation was beautiful - looking out over a beautiful lake. Pico was there to support me too, which is always a good time. I will have to tell more details later but my friend Rodger Carlson who attempted his first 100 mile race had the same kind of trouble as I did last year and in about the same spot. That was a big bummer but I know he will be back like I was - and with a vengence.

Here are the top 10 pro men finishers:

2 452 CORY WALLACE 7:47:57

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for a great time!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

California Golden State Championship Finals was a Flash!

We packed up the car and headed up to Mammoth last Friday morning. It was about 100 degrees when we left and we were looking forward to some cooler weather and to get away from the smoke and bad air from the fires. We had a nice drive up, giddy like three children and couldn't wait to see Mammoth. Terri had never been there and I think it was more than 5 years since I went there. And I went to race XC, which is something I haven't raced much at all.
We took the fishing poles and were ready for a nice long holiday weekend.

Mammoth was impressive with all the cycling friendly accomodations, excellent trails everywhere, and you could tell how much time people have been putting into the mountain bike trails. They were a mountain biker's paradise!!

Don Jackson the race promoter and Southridge USA shop owner took very good care of us. He had a special "Legends" party on Saturday night where a lot of the Legendary mountain bikers attended and Don presented us all with Extreme Sports Pioneer awards. It was an excellent party and well attended. Sort of resembled a reunion and it was good to see a lot of old friends. People I admired my whole career, especially all the down hill guys. They are the pioneers of downhill mountain bike racing and it was cool watching the old videos and catching up on the many years since we all last saw each other. Greg Herbold commentated and it was hilarious. Greg is known for being a legend in downhill mtb racing. When he introduced himself we all cracked up! It was good fun.

Brian Ramoncinski is one of my old BMX friends was at the race and sent me a couple of photos of me at Saddleback Park and Orange County from about 1974. These are really rare photos. The OC photo is me on the Kawasaki BMX bike, which I think they sponsored me for only one year. I don't know of any more photos of me on a Kawasaki. That year they sponsored me was the first year they introduced jet skis and they weren't even on the market yet. I remember them asking me to go test the jet ski on a lake in Phoenix. I don't even think I stood up!

The Saddleback Park photo is me jumping off the bonsai jump - a super hard jump - and the photo is taken from behind me doing a cross-up of the jump. I love this photo!! Thank you so much Brian!

During the race I felt great and found myself out front in the first lap. It was a good sign that it would be a good race for me and I was loving every pedal stroke. The start was not crazy either, so I think that helped me to be able to start easy at a pace I could handle. We picked it up fast after the first good climb. Mammoth has always been a really big challenge for me and during the party everyone else was talking about all their successes at Mammoth. But I couldn't think of any other race I won there. Most of the guys I raced back in those days either lived at altitude or spent time acclimating. I never did that so every time I went and raced there, I cracked. I think I made the podium a few times, but never the win. So this win was super sweet for me, even being a lot older, my time was still competitive and even more importantly, I felt really really good. At the end I thought 'wow that was done really fast!"

The caveat was that there were only about 10 pros on the start line and a couple didn't finish. But these guys have been racing Mammoth and the rest of the series this whole year so the competition was excellent. Here are the final results:

Pro Men Time
1 Tinker Juarez 1:35:24:04
2 Romold Forcino 1:44:04:70
3 Danny McNaughton 1:45:32:29
4 Matt Freeman 1:46:37:40
5 Kevin Smallman 1:51:10:89
6 Garnet Vertican 1:56:14:13

Many thanks to Don and the rest of the Southridge crew, the Mammoth Mountain Staff, who made it all happen, the volunteers, staff, racers, and spectators for coming out and enjoying a fun race and weekend. Also, many thanks to Jim Wannamaker and Tamori of Kenda for everything. The Kenda crew has kept mtb racing on the map in the USA this year and were also a sponsor of this race. What a great group!

Joshua raced in the kid's race and it was great to be on the podium with Joshua wearing his medal and I got to wear my medal at the same time. I was a very proud papa!!

Here are a few photos we took:

ODI was one of the sponsors and was out there with this really cool engraving machine. They engraved Joshua and my wife's names on their new ODI Lock-on grips. I have new plugs for mine. You can see my Garmin in this photo - what an excellent training tool. This is the best gadget I own.

Here I am leading out the kid's race.

Joshua with his game-face on. He was the youngest racer and the only one on a kick bike. He loves his Strider!


Joshua and I at the Legend's party

The Legends.

Our after-party time. We can't wait to go back to Mammoth.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tinker crushee XC field in California Golden State Championships Labor Day Weekend

Tinker crushed the pro XC field at the California Golden State Championships in Mammoth, CA on September 6th sponsored by Rock Shock, ODI, and Kenda. This was a first time win at the legendary mountain bike park for Tinker, who was pleasantly pleased with his result. Tinker finished four laps of the 6 mile course in 1:43, more than 5 minutes ahead of second place – a relatively short race for the endurance specialist.

Appropriately, the race was promoted with the theme: 'Race the Legend - Race Mammoth' and the 3-day venue featured a "Legends" Kamikaze race and party where the legends were presented with recognition awards for being extreme sports Pioneers.

The Mammoth XC course win was one of the challenges left unchecked on Tinker’s ‘Things to do before I retire’ list. Also a bonus was son Joshua’s podium finish in the kid’s race. Not quite 3 years old, Joshua was the youngest racer and the only one on a kick bike. Congratulations Tinker and Joshua!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

El Reto de los Misioneros III edition wrap up

Peru is amazing. The people are wonderful, the place is beautiful, and the whole experience of being there and contributing and giving back to the sport is fulfilling. What an awesome experience it is to go to a country that steps you back in time where the people have the biggest hearts and care about you being there. Gosh - the entire town came out to the events!! We were rock stars for a few days and did our best to return the sentiment!

The race promoters were also extremely nice to all of us. They treated us like kings, excellent accomodations, food, and hospitality, we will definitely go back next year. The riding was so good too! Can you imagine racing up in the mountains where they grow pinapples and the workers had slices of pineapple waiting for you to offer to you as you go by. It was awesome! That pineapple melted in your mouth - even the middle parts.

It is amazing how far I had to go to get some good luck and it was great to be able to finally get a good finish. My teammates Alex and Bart and I raced hard - against the rest of the competition and each other. We rode good races. The first stage Alex and I tied but day two he had a tough day and I finished ahead in first place. The time gap was good enough to keep me comfortable for the third stage so we had a good race that day. I won the race but was even a bigger winner to have the opportunity to be in Peru with the team and for the experience.

The locals were excellent climbers and you could see they had good skills in the technical sections. They have good potential and obviously love the sport. No matter where I go I love to see the passion people have for mountain biking - this is what keeps me going and going and going.

I am looking forward to next year to challenge some of the biggest mountains in the world. The race promoter did an excellent job and I recommend this experience to anyone. Check out all the photos on and the stories! If you go make sure you tell someone - anyone - you heard it from me. I guarantee you will love it!

Special thanks to Samuel Paulino and Ronald Perez. They helped me so much.
If you plan to go call them:

Samuel Edgar Ortega Paulino
Guía Oficial de Turismo

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mammoth Returns Labor Day Weekend 2009

In between dodging the flames in my beloved San Gabrial mountains and taking cover from all the heat here lately, I stumbled across a race this Labor Day weekend that I cannot wait to go to. They are hosting a special 'Legends' party on Saturday night. Check it out and if you want to get away from the ashes here then make the drive up to Mammoth this weekend. The rooms are reasonable and there is plenty of spots left in the race.

I would love to see you there.

All Classes....