Monday, October 19, 2009

Iron Biker 2009, Tinker's Award & the MonaVie Challenge

When Tinker and Matt checked in last night I could barely get to talk with Tinker because Matt was so excited about the race, the town, the country, and the whole experience. They said it was awesome, and Mona Vie presented Tinker with a long introduction and a special award for being a legend in mountain biking. The intro was in Portuguese, but they could tell by the way the crowd was looking and then all the applause and even tears, it was an emotional, touching, & wonderful dedication to a person who is greatly loved by the mountain bike community.

Brazil was deeply grateful for the honor of having MonaVie-Cannondale and Tinker at their beloved Iron Biker.

MonaVie posted a photo of Tinker receiving his award and of Alex receiving third place in the MonaVie Challenge.

Alex Grant MonVie Challenge Award

Congratulations Team! Well done!!

The Legend receiving special award

Here is the MonaVie Retrospective in English and Portuguese:


Após dois dias de intensas competições pelas Regiões de Ouro Preto e Mariana, atletas do montain bike nacional e estrangeiro disputaram uma corrida entre matas fechadas, rios e vilarejos destas duas cidades históricas de Minas Gerais. After two days of intense competition between the regions of Ouro Preto and Mariana, athletes mountain bike home and abroad competed in a race between dense forests, rivers and villages of these two historical cities of Minas Gerais.

E nossos atletas da elite do Cannondale MonaVie também estiveram presentes na mais importante prova do mountain bike da América Latina. And our elite athletes of the MonaVie Cannondale also attended the most important evidence of mountain biking in Latin America. Matt Ohran, Bart Guillespie, Alex Grant e David “Tinker” Juarez representaram a MonaVie eo MonaVie Emv. Matt Ohran, Bart Guillespie, Alex Grant and David "Tinker" Juarez represented MonaVie and MonaVie Emv.
Mais de 1.000 atletas do ciclismo largaram da Praça Tiradentes, divididos em diversas categorias, masculina e feminina. More than 1000 athletes from cycling dropped the Praça Tiradentes, divided into several categories, male and female.

“Foi uma prova muito disputada. "It was a hard fought race. Todos os atletas, sem exceção, estavam em um nível muito alto de competição ea organização muito bem preparada para receber o evento”, conta Tinker após ter sido homenageado na cerimonia de entrega dos troféus. All athletes, without exception, were in a very high level of competition and the organization well prepared to host the event, "says Tinker after being honored at the ceremony of presentation of trophies. No auge de seus 42 anos e em plena forma física, Tinker ainda é um dos atletas mais respeitados do mundo no cenário do mountain bike, tendo participado de duas olimpíadas pelos Estados Unidos. In the peak of 42 years and in full physical form, Tinker is still one of the most respected athletes in the world of mountain bike scene, and participated in two Olympics by the United States.

Devido ao alto nível de competição dos atletas, diversos veículos de comunicação estiveram presentes no grande desafio sobre duas rodas. Due to the high level of competition of athletes, several media outlets were present in the challenge on two wheels.

“De fato, nunca tinha visto um evento de mountain bike com este tipo de estrutura. "In fact, had never seen a mountain bike event with this type of structure. Estou surpreso em muito satisfeitos em ter vindo ao Brasil pela primeira vez”, fala Matt Ohran. 'm Surprised at very pleased to have come to Brazil for the first time, "says Matt Ohran.

“Os eventos da MonaVie em geral têm sido muito importante para o negócio. "The events of MonaVie in general have been very important for the business. As degustações do MonaVie Emv foram um enorme sucesso no Iron Biker, o que gerou um grande volume de latas vendidas durante o evento”, fala Mauricio Patrocinio. Tastings of MonaVie Emv were a huge success in the Iron Biker, which generated a large volume of cans sold during the event, "says Mauricio Patrocinio.
“Estamos muito felizes em participar da maior prova de mountain bike da América Latina e esperamos voltar no ano que vem. "We are delighted to participate in the largest mountain bike race in Latin America and hope to come back next year. Agradeço a todos pelo apoio prestado”, fala Alex Grant, terceiro colocado no Desafio MonaVie Emv, sexta-feira dia 16. I thank everyone for their support, "says Alex Grant, placed third in the Challenge MonaVie Emv, Friday the 16th.

Check here soon in the gallery complete with all the photos of the event.

Sucesso e excelentes negócios. Success and great deals.

Equipe MonaVie MonaVie Team
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Iron Biker 2009 Update

Matt Ohran checked in to let us know the team had a good day today. Tinker finished 5th with Alex in 6th and Bart in 10th. There were 1000 starters and some very very fast competition. They are staying in an historical mining town called Ouro Preto with limited internet but they will post stories, movies, and photos when they get back to Sao Paolo. Check the team website for updates:

It has been several days since we heard from Tinker when he said he emailed saying he had the flu with a fever and was feeling miserable. Yesterday Matt said he was better and ready to race. Guess that Tylenol they have over there works good.

A quick google search for 'iron biker' revealed these georgeous photos by Ronald Peret. His work is amazing:

Good luck team!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Leave No Trace MTB Race Series is in the Books!

I managed to recruit a couple of good friends to head up to the Knickerbocker 50 & 8hr race and the Leave No Trace series final. We packed up the RV and mounted the motorcycle rack on the back hitch. I had a brand new hitch mounted on the front just so we could carry bikes and scooter or whatever on the back. So Ed Kocina, Roger Carlson, and I headed up to Auburn early Friday morning. The plan was Ed would support and Roger and I would race the 8 hours and Roger the 50 mile event.

We found a nice campground 10 miles away from the race. It was right next to the American river so of course the first thing we wanted to do is get the fishing poles set up and relax after a long day in the car. We would starve if we didn’t have a big batch of spinach fettuccini with pesto chicken and vegetables that Terri made for the trip. We had a nice night and it was a great way to unwind before the race.

The race course was the same as the first event when it rained the whole time and I raced for 24 hours in that sick slick mud. But this time the course was dry and dusty. And in dry conditions, it was super fast. The May race was 4 inches of mud but this one was 4 inches of dust. There was one pond on the course about 3 miles into the course and I wanted to stop and go fishing. I guess I just wanted to fish, period.

Anyway, I was in the lead on lap #6 about 5 hours and 72 miles into the race, and I wanted to stop. I’ve been sick lately and my body was rebelling. From the start, I wanted to get as much of a lead as I could and I pushed it hard. I knew Dave and Dez were there and they are always touch competitors. But with a couple of major races left, I didn’t want to take any chances of getting worse or injured, so I stopped. It has been a long season and the endurance races are hard. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and I knew I had already won the four race series grand prize scooter and wanted to win the race, too, but felt it was more important to leave some reserves in the tank for the next two months of trips.

Men’s series point leaders.

Series winners with their scooters.

Roger had a disappointing race. He had to pull out early due to the difficulty he had with his prosthetic leg and making the climbs. He had to hike for most of the course but he had a really good workout and enjoyed the rest of the day.

We never did make it to that pond to fish.

The along with Auburn Cycles has been putting on these excellent races and I want to thank them all, the family, crew, support, and volunteers for such a great season. Thank you thank you!!

Race Promoter Jim Northy, Melanie Dominguez, and me with the scooters.

Jim Northy sent all the photos. There is one picture Jim is most proud of. He only had 5 bags of trash and Kathie and Jim went through it and came up three bags of recyclable stuff. That's great with a few hundred people and only 5 bags of trash!! That's why they call it the Leave No Trace" series. Next year plan to take all the recyclable stuff and turn it in and take the money and put it back into the trails we all love so much!!

Leave no trace trash & recyclables.

Next year I hope to get the team out for the globalbiorhythm events stage race in September. Check out their excellent blog stories and the Adventures of Dez on: LNT Blog.

I want to send out a huge thank you especially to Ed, Roger, and Pico for coming out. Pico has been supporting me for all four races and I knew with him there my bike would be performing at tip top shape, so I had no worries about that. Any time I’m in NorCal, I look forward to working with the best mechanic around. Ed and Roger put up with me being so anxious about getting home yesterday because I miss my family and I have to leave here in about 2 hours for a long trip to Iron Biker in Sao Paolo Brazil.

I have to go pack my bike up now, and will try and post during the next week from Brazil. Check out the team website for updates on this next adventure: We will be visiting the main MonaVie Brazilian headquarters and meeting up with the makers of the products. I can’t wait to tell them in person how much I love MonaVie and especially the Emv.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tinker Juarez at Leadville 100

Here is a short video of Tinker's 2009 Leadville 100

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Updated event schedule

Here is my updated schedule...

Event Schedule

SOCAL FAT TIRE EPIC 50: Presented by Intense Cycles

Here is a great story about the SoCal Fat Tire 50 Epic race this past weekend.  It was tough but fun and I'm already looking forward to next year.  Many thanks to the race promoter Jason, his crew, and all the volunteers and spectators out there cheering us on!

MTB Race News article

SoCAL Fat Tire Epic 50: West Coast Marathon Championships

The first annual “ SoCal Fat Tire Epic 50, “ 2009 West Coast Marathon Championships is now in the books. With temps in the 70’s and not a cloud in the sky it was a perfect day for racing. Riders flocked from all over to battle for the coveted SoCal Endurance winner’s jerseys. The course was truly an epic blend of Southern California desert singletrack and swooping rollercoaster ridgelines. With 2 twenty-five mile laps and over 3100 ft of climbing per lap this was set to be an epic challenge for all categories!

Tinker Juarez toes the start line

The men’s pro field was deep in talent as endurance legend David “Tinker” Juarez ( lined up with the likes of Manuel “Manny” Prado (Sho-Air/Specialized), Super Bike champ turned endurance mountain bike phenom Ben Bostrum (Sho-Air/Specialized), and adventure racer extraordinaire Paul Romero to name a few.

It was great to see such a good group of pro racers! When the bell sounded and the race was on and Tinker took the lead. Closely followed by Manny, Ben, John Nobil, Chuck Jenkins, Dez Wilder, and Bryan Van Vleet. The train pulled together for most of the first lap. As the first lap came to an end Tinker pulled a 2 and a half-minute gap on Manny and Ben. Even as the teammates worked together Manny and Ben could not reel Tinker in. By the end of the race Tinker held a 5 minute lead over Manny and a 9 minute lead over Ben with Chuck Jenkins and John Nobil coming in 4th and 5th. Tinker finished in 3:21:45 with the fastest lap of the day being a 1:39.

Charles Jenkins chases the leaders

The women’s pro field saw Team Sole’s Karen Lundgren take the top place honors with Bernice Pierson coming in for second.

Once the race was over, the party at Vail Lake was on! With live music and the saloon open, everyone was having a great time. Racers, families, and industry folks enjoyed the evening’s festivities and partied into the night.

When Sunday morning rolled around it was time for the SoCal Bike expo and demo day. We had some of the top bike makers out on site to demo and show the SoCal mountain bikers the latest and greatest. The shuttles were packed and everyone enjoyed some of the best that Vail Lake has to offer.

The SoCal Endurance team looks forward to making this race and expo weekend a Southern California main event.

Up next on November 14th is the “12 Hours Of Temecula #2,“ SoCal Endurance final.

For more info please check out

TInker shows off his cash and championship jersey

No Juarez for Juarez this year

I received a few inquiries about my attendance at the Chupracabras MTB race in Juarez this year so I wanted to let everyone know that my schedule was so packed I cannot fit the race in and will not be there.  It will be first on my calendar for next year though! 
Have a great time everyone!  I will sincerely miss you.