Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Greetings 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We hope this message finds you happy and well and brings you a splendid 2011!

Peace and happiness,

Tinker, Terri, & Joshua Juarez

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Website Launch

My new website was launched yesterday!  It's got a whole new look but still needs work so please be patient with me.  It's a work in progress....  Still working on the sponsor and about me page.
Evenutally, we plan to include the Tinker's Garage and Swag Shop as a real place to by stuff like my new ODI signature grips coming out in spring 2011! 
Check out my new logo - we plan to make hats, mugs, and tshirts with part of the benefits going to the SoCal High School Cycling League. 
I'll be working on a few race stories this weekend before I leave for South Africa.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bicycling 24-Hour by Omni-Motion Dec. 4-5, 2010

My last race of the season is coming up the weekend after Thanksgiving and it's going to be a big one in a far-away land so I'm getting ready now and will be heading out really early to get acclimated and rest before the race. The race is the Bicycling 24-Hour by Omni-Motion on Dec. 4-5 at the Rietvlei Farm and Lifestyle Centre in South Africa.  I plan to take my Canondale Carbon Flash but it was a hard decision between the Scalpel and the Flash. The course is a bit over 11km and the conditions could be wet so I think to get through the mud, the Flash will be better....we shall see. 

My support will be great, with my good friend Roger Carlson traveling with  me and a long-time Cannondale rep/race promoter will have support all day and all night.  It looks like the cards are all lines up for the event.  I love South Africa and can't wait!  I will also bring my fishing pole...just in case I get a few minutes to try and catch a few.

Whenever you travel overseas it's a big deal.  When you're heading over for a big race like this, it's even a bigger deal.  I haven't had any 24 hour races yet this year, so I think this one will be tough on a few levels.  But I'm going to do my best, have fun, and try and be safe. 

I got a new helmet cam from Epic Action Video, a new sponsor for 2011, and it will be my first experience using it so this should be really cool.  I'll send out an end of year race report and post some video.  I'm hoping we get something we can use on my new website, which should also be posted by the end of the year. 

Well, happy trails, and keep the rubber sideways.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

12 Hours of Temecula good story!

Jens Rans wrote a great story and put some pics in  I can't write this well and am very grateful for the kind words in the story.  Hope you like it too:

written by: Jens Raz

The final 12 Hours of Temecula of 2010 was on the horizon in Southern California. With beautiful weather on tap, hero dirt galore, a great 10 mile loop of singletrack was waiting for one large crowd of racers in Temecula. With temperatures ranging from the high 40s to the low 80s the competitors not only had to deal with the heat and cold, but also with the physiological demands of the desert race.

The usual protagonists were Tinker Juarez and Mr. Geoladders, himself Doug Andrews. However a dark horse was present to challenge Tinker’s dominance. The hopeful recipient of the "Tinker Challenge” of cold hard cash was to be rewarded for the fastest solo. Ant (Anthony) White the English long distance specialist and recent winner of the 2010 24hrs in the Old Pueblo solo category came out to prove himself and give Tinker a run for that money!

The gauntlet was thrown with Tinker taking the first lap and never relinquishing the lead. He finished with 1 lap over second and third place and racing until 6 minutes to go. Not only taking the "King of the Mountain” prize but also the fastest lap of the day with 40 minutes and 53 seconds. He would end the day with 130 dirt miles! Take that you Century riders!

The real battle was brewing between southern California endurance brawler Doug Andrews and the Englishman, Ant.

Anything can happen over 12 hours, and positions will change. A notoriously conservative starter, Ant followed Doug around Vail Lake for the first half of the day. As the day wore on and the temperatures dropped, consistency won over the early speedster. Taking 2nd place by less than a minute, which the Englishman, Ant White, accomplished, is nothing less than astounding. His second place memoirs follow;

"The ever growing 12 Hours of Temecula is one of my favorite races. I’ve done it 4 times now. The course is rewarding, the hard bits are followed by serious swoopy fun. The weather always seems to be as clement and the vibe positive. I was back over in the US seeing my girlfriend in Nevada and thought it would be rude not to get some Californian "base” miles in at 12 Hours of Temecula.

My race plan was to go off reasonably steady and push hard towards the end … hopefully when others were weakening. This was actually the only way I could play it as a 4 hour training ride earlier in the week went a bit wrong and turned into an 8 hour out and back as I missed my lift home … so my legs lack a little zip needed for a full-on early race effort.

There was a $400 dollar "prize fighting” purse up for anyone who could win solo at Temecula and beat Tinker Juarez. This certainly looked a tall order as Tinker seems to glide up the infamous "Damn Hill” at the start and opened up a big gap on the entire field. I had to dig in limit my losses.

The course actually was a little less grueling than some of the previous Temecula races. Only the really long initial climb was painful. Some "grindy techy” sections were side-stepped. For me that was probably a good thing, as I started to suffer in the heat. For the middle third of the race I tried to keep hydrated but lacked leg power. This changed when the sun went down at about 4 o clock. I felt refreshed.

I had resisted hassling my trusty pit princess Steph to give me lap splits, but sometime in the dark I was told I was in 3rd. This was half an hour down on Tinker and 15 minutes down on second. I did feel strong at this stage and pushed on quite hard, really enjoying the descents and attacking the climbs in much bigger gears than earlier in the day. My Exposure lights provided some serious firepower and my legs came to life probably because of the lower temperatures … although the use of compression leggings and Q rings probably have helped as well. Somewhere, somehow, I managed to overtake 2nd … I didn’t actually realize this until the prize ceremony!

Forever the bridesmaid I only snatched 2nd (3 times now), from Doug Andrews, by a minute in 11 hours 6 mins. Tinker showed his class by getting another lap in before the 12 hour cut off. Top marks to Jason [Ranoa], the race organizer, who carried off the longest prize giving ceremony/raffle in Christendom with aplomb. I hope to be passing through in January to stretch the legs and lungs once more.”

Pro Solo Men

1, Tinker Juarez (CFR) 13 laps
2, Ant White 12 laps
3, Doug Andrews (Geoladders) 12 laps
4, Bode Barreth 10 laps
5, Dez Wilder 7 laps
6, Joe Dupree 5 laps

Pro Solo Women

1, Timari Pruis
2, Joy Martin

Expert Solo Men

1, Jonathon Davis 11 laps
2, Henry Valenzuela III 9 laps
3, Dan Santos 9 laps
4, Scott Holland 8 laps
5, Sean Robman 7 laps
6, Juan Diaz 7 laps

Sport Solo Men

1, Aaron Campbell 11 laps
2, John Dang 11 laps
3, Aaron Johnson 10 laps
4, Mykyta Yurtyn 10 laps
5, Chris Branson 9 laps
6 Solovann Sim 9 laps

Clydesdale Solo Men
1, Mark Delaney 9 laps
2, Brandon Turley 7 laps
3, Thom Porterfield 6 laps
4, Damon Mann 6 laps
5, Jeremy Williams 5 laps

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 12 Hours of Temecula Finals

"12 Hours Of Temecula"
Southern California's Premier Mountain Bike Experience
2010 12 Hours Of Temecula series closes with a bang!

2010 Has been an amazing year for SoCal Mountain Biking. The 12 Hour final is the culmination of hard work and dedication from racers and the biking industry!

Saturday Nov 13th started with sunny skies and temps hovering around 50 degrees in the early morning. 6:00 am rolled around quickly and racers were pouring in to Vail Lake Resort from all over the US. We even had a few teams from overseas joining us for the challenge of the day! Onsite registration was buzzing and pits were being setup all over the venue. The mandatory 8 am racer meeting came and went with out a hitch and racers lined up for the 9am start! The 10 second count was heard over the PA system and soon the race was under way. Right off the bat Tinker Juarez ( The legend ) was blazing the notorious DAMN Climb! Tinker won the King of the Mountain prize and went on to claim the fastest lap of the day ( 40:53 ). Today was Tinker's day and he was feeling good! The rest of the racers were rolling up the DAMN Climb and blasting the rollercoaster ridgelines with the thoughts of champions jerseys on their minds. The Pro men had Ant White and Doug Andrews chasing Tinker all day long trying to capture the $400 reward for beating Tinker in laps on the final day. In the End Tinker rocked 13 laps with Ant White close behind and Doug Andrews a minute later rounding out the top 3. Tinker crushed this years pro category to take the overall championship and the coveted SoCal Jersey! In the elite ladies category Timari Pruis led Joy Martin to take the win and the overall victory for 2010. There were so many great battles taking place throughout the day as teams were within minutes of each other going in to the last few hours. This was by far the most exciting year we've had at the 12 Hour series.

Full Results attached to this email and posted on Site:


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Supporting the SoCal High School League this Friday at the 2010 SoCal Cycle Fest

Want to contribute to our children and future cyclists?
Check out the SoCal CycleFest gala this Saturday evening event in support of the SoCal High School Cycling League. 100% of the proceeds will go to the expansion and sustainability of the best youth cycling program in SoCal as they prepare for the spring 2011 racing series.  What a great cause!
Saturday November 20th, 2010
CycleFest Gala Dinner and Auction aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Chupracabras 100km 2010 and Mom Rose's Birthday!

Last couple of years I had schedule conflicts and then the year before that (2007) I didn't do as well as I had hoped so this year I was determined to head down to Juarez Mexico for the annual Chupacabras 100km, no matter what. Mom's birthday was that Sunday, so I got her a ticket and we went together. It was a nice trip for Mom’s birthday. Since I got married and since Joshua came into our lives, a lot has changed! It used to be that Mom would come with me to many (most) of my races but now she gets a break and Terri and Joshua can come along. This time it was a sort of special trip because it was her birthday and also it was a chance to visit with some of the nicest people you'd ever meet and also attend and participate in such an awesome event that brings all levels from first timer to pro level bike riders come out to race.

We went there wondering what to expect since Juarez has had such a bad time with the crime in recent years. But we went with no fear, felt really safe when we arrived, and we knew what was going on but felt really safe the whole time. We were not worried or scared and were happy to have an opportunity to see first-hand what was going on. It is sad to see that this is happening to such a wonderful people and that it did impact the race because there were less people there, but every person around there was happy, polite, generous, and comfortable. It didn’t feel like anything was happening. That's enough about that, except all I have to say is anything can happen anywhere you go, so just be smart about things not matter where you're at.

There was a nice get together on Friday night at a local club for a rider’s meeting and I was invited with my Mom of course. I got to talk with some locals, the media, and relax with Mom. It was a great meet & greet and a perfect dinner to finish the night.

There a race course for everybody and everyone has their favorite but that desert is one of the hardest for me. I wish I could say that I won the race which I did not, but I am very happy to finish 4th place - that is just part of racing! I tried hard and I felt like I did much better than the past so I’m getting better but still need to improve my result. The course was awesome this time because there was much more and better single track. The hardest part of the race was the beginning were there was about 24 miles of flat alongside the boarder and it took a lot out of me. It was kind of eerie with boarder patrol every about half mile along the entire out and back.

The number one reason I love this event so much is because I love Juarez Mexico but most of all, it is because of the people. They are so very nice. Also, the race is a classic event and even though attendance was down a little this year, it's been growing for the last 14 yr. I plan to return again next year and every yr after that and hope to win some day! I already have the date on my calendar for next year.

Just a quick THANK YOU to Carlos, his family, and all the rest of the race organizers, volunteers, the city, and everyone that came to race and cheer. What a good people and great time! Thank you Juarez!

And the best part of the whole trip was..... the CAKE!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tinker's Titan's

Cannondale Europe made a really great video of the team they put together for us at the Nissan Titan Desert MTB race across the Sahara Desert earlier this year. It was great fun and a really great team!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 West Coast Marathon Championship News from SoCalendurance


SoCal Fat Tire Epic 50
" West Coast Marathon Championships "
" Tinker " Juarez defends his title in the 2010 West Coast Marathon Championships
With the rains coming earlier in the week, the 24 mile Epic course had some of the best conditions Vail Lake has ever seen! The challenging 2 lap race was running fast and furious. Racers came from all over the West Coast to compete for the coveted Champions Jersey's.
The Mens Pro Category was full of potential winners. From early on in the race Tinker took the lead. Followed closely by John Nobil, Gerry Cody, and Vincent Lombardie. All the Pro men came in way below the 2 hour lap mark. With Tinker having the fastest lap in 1:36. The second lap proved to be the deciding factor for many of the days racers. Out on course you could see the grit and determination being set forth by all the days racers!
In the end Tinker took the win in convincing fashion with Jiohn Nobil in second and Gerry Cody close behind for third.
With a smokin fast time our Womens Pro category winner was SoCal Endurance's own Shalyn Gates. Shalyn was having a great day on the bike, smiling and jokin as she sped by at the aid stations.
Also a noteable ride was done by Superbike star Ben Bostrum in the Singlespeed open category. Ben turned a 3:28 which would have been good for a 4th place in the Pro Open category. Great job Ben!

Top finishers for the day:
1st Expert Men  -  Oliver Hutchinson
1st Expert Women  -  Heidi Slominski
1st Sport Men  -  Scott Holland
1st Sport Women  -  Wilhelmina Zuckerman
1st Beg Men  -  Bret Escoubas
1st Beg 1 lap  -  Zack Hay
1st JR Cat  -  Jarred Jordan
1st 40-49 Men  -  Mike Hileman
1st 40-49 Women  -  Tracey Delaney
1st 50-59 Men  -  Randy Leichty
1st 60+ Men  -  Stan Ford
1st 2 pers team Open  -  Skuld Racing

That concludes the 2010 SoCal Fat Tire Epic 50 - West Coast Marathon Cahmpionships!
We appreciate all the racers support and we look forward to 2011! See ya in the dirt!!!
For complete results go to:

Please join us for the upcoming "12 Hours Of Temecula #3" Championship round on November 13th.
Click Here for more Info
12 Hours Of Temecula
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Championship Race in Balneario Camboriu

What can I say?  It seems like the last time I sat down and was able to talk about the World Championship races was such a long time long ago...but it was a long time ago.  I was 33 and I was a young guy!  I had no idea it would take so long to get here.  Your body changes, hair falls out, weight changes.  I now have a new life - a new wife, son, house, everything is so much different now. 

It was a BIG deal then and it was a bigger deal now.

So where to begin....every single thing was perfect about the trip and it all fell into place just right.
Beto Franco, Leones Pereira, and Vanessa Pereira

It started at the airport in Sao Paolo.  I was sitting there waiting for my flight.  I don't know what I was doing, could have been scratching my ass or whatever...  but to much relief, a guy came up and asked me if I was 'Tinker' and I said yes.  He spoke good English and we chatted a while.  It turned out that he was also on his way to Balneario Cambrio for the UCI Mountain Bike Master World Championships with a friend and his friend's wife.  So we traveled on the same flight, took the same ferry, and as it turned out, they even had a reservation at the same hotel.  They say there are angels all around you all the time.  Beto, Leones, and Vanessa are three angels for sure!

View of Santa Caterina Brazil on the way from the race to the ferry

Pirate still hang out off the coast in Brazil

Not much was very exiting in the two days leading up to the race.  I got to rest as much as possible.  Rest is always the secret after a big exhausting trip with a time change.  The only little complaint I had was even on the seventh floor, the traffic outsite was crazy late into the night.  It was a fun little nice town with a lot of little stores, malls, beautiful beach, great fishing, excellent restaurants, and it was very convenient to the Parque Unipraias track, where they had the Pan Am games and World Cup races in 2005 and 2006.  But I was not there to have fun.  I was there to bring home a gold medal.

Can't resist....
The night before the race I was nervous like didn't matter who could have been on the start line.  I was nervous about not knowing who was going to be there, if it would rain, and just the fact this was the World Championship race I've been working toward for the past 16 years....  yep I was a nervous wreck.  But the race went off well.  I took the lead after we started the first climb.  I was careful on the technical descent, which could have been very slippery if it had rained.  It turned out that we had some nice cloudcover but it didn't rain and weather was good, the track was really nice, and it flowed just right. 

Cannondale Support!!
I had great support from one of the local Cannondale dealers, who was there for me for anything I needed.  Unfortunately, I did not get a card and my CRS brain can't remember his name right now.... but for sure I want to extend my very sincere thanks to him and Cannondale and Cyclingsportsgroup for the opportunity to be able to work with him and for all his time.  That means so much when we are out there traveling alone to get this kind of excellent support!  Thank you.

After the race started, I began to relax in the saddle a little and managed to gain over a minute.  The second lap was a little more focused, but no one could give me split times because they didn't speak English, but I knew I had a comfortable lead so I knew I had to continue on the same pace and keep focused and careful.  I was also worried if something mechanical could happen, and I wanted to keep something in the tank for the last lap.  
Bento Franco at the World Champ Finish!

45-49 class with all the country leaders in the front

Bento was there racing in my class with me.  His goal was to finish well and he was excited to be a part of all of it.  He did great too!  I wish I could have cheered him on and handed him bottles or whatever because he and Leones and Vanessa were all really great to me the entire trip.  Leones passed bottles for me and Vanessa took photos.  When I said they were angels I really mean it!  I am so grateful to them!

Half way through the race I knew I had to be extra careful and not do anything stupid and ride the course smooth and easy.  The fifth and final lap was still overcast and warm, and I realized I had not drank enough.  I was riding on adrenaline by then I knew I should have drank more but I didn't.  I began to panic when the cramps hit me.  I think I had a cow and paniced a lot more with every painful crank up the climbs.  I definitely was not going as fast as the first four laps.  But I kept my head up and tried like hell to focus to finish. With the comfortable lead I had, I knew I just had to finish so I set my mind to it.  My new old motto is 'Never ever give up'.

There was a little jump at the end of the lap and one excellent photographer grabbed a great shot of the cross-up I pulled off at the finish!  And then I got to cross the finish line for the first time as a World Champion. 

It sunk in when I got home and I got a chance to really think about it...while I was at my favorite local fishing spot today... 

A few tears of joy at the interview

Three World Champions
I'm the one in the middle

Joshua eyeing the celebration cake

happy guy

Let's celebrate!
Before I close, I just want to mention how friendly the people were there!  It didn't matter if I didn't speak the language - we definitely communicated.  People took photos three days straight with I think I got a shot with every single person at the event but every one was so nice.  It was awsome to be able to make friends without saying a word.  That blows my  mind - and always has.  What a great sport to be in!