Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tinker's-Calderona in Spain

From time to time I get a great email that stays in my mind forever.  This is one of them!  Jose - yes I am crazy for mountain biking too!  I look forward to meeting all of you next time I am in Spain!  But I will need a translater.
Thanks for the great email.

Hi Tinker!,
 Let me introduce myself, my name is Jose and I am from Valencia, in the East coast of Spain. I belong to a group of around 15 friends who are crazy for mountain biking. Our discipline is Enduro and we are called Tinker-Calderona Group in honors to you (being Calderona the name of the mountains where we usually ride in Valencia). This is an unofficial group created in 1991.

We usually ride every weekend and also in bank holidays. Recently, we have prepared DH jerseys with a cartoon of you with the name of the group (we hope you do not mind!). Please attached you will find some pictures of us with the DH jerseys we usually wear in ours rides. I pushed hard to get all of them to wear the jersey, but they are like kids!

We also have unofficial national meetings with other crazy people for mountain biking and we proudly attend with our jerseys.  We do not know if you have scheduled any visit to Spain, but for us it would be great if we had the chance to meet you at some point.
 Just a question, do you speak Spanish? If so, please I would like to have some words from you to the group.

Thank you so much for your time and best regards from Spain.



arquitopias said...

great new!!!!!!
Hi Tinker!!!! here another member of this crazy bike group, hahahaaaaaaaa

Regards from Valencia and thank you so much for publishing Jose´s mail


PD. I didn´t find you in this Titan Desert Season 2011, why?

Jose Vaka said...

Hi Tinker!!!

This is Jose again!

A friend of mine just surfing discovered the letter I wrote to you.

It has been a nice surprise to find it here!!!

Our very best regards from Spain!!

PS: We are still riding wearing your DH jersey!

Tinker's Calderona Biker