Friday, February 12, 2010

How many years did I race on these pedals?

How many years did I race on these pedals?

The winner gets to keep them!  I'll pay for shipping in the US.


Be sure to send me a message with your email addy and answer the poll on the right.
Whoever answers correctly first wins.
Hint:  The pedals were in production for 3 years.


Gunnar said...

I say 15 years.

Ryder said...

Wow... I was 13 years old when a Friend had them, I remember you with then in Casa de Campo World Cup race in Spain... So they're from 92 more or less.

That's incredible the bunch of Look pedals you keep.

Mountain Goat Cycles said...

Those would look good on this

Mike said...

You were probably ahead of the curve for when the average man could get these pedals, I'll guess 17 years! :)

Maurice said...

14 years :)

Darren said...

Question! I am actually looking for some cleats for my old red looks, like Tinker's. Would anyone at all be interested in selling me some cleats with float or without float please? (would prefer new ones with float, at least two pair!) I will pay you as well as pay for shipping! Anyone help me?

Darren, in Ohio


pma said...

That's great. Do you remember your first pair of spd's? You gave them to me because you didn't like them at the time. Yep, those are toe clips in the other photo. Hope all is well my friend.
Barry Page