Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching up

I'll be working on my recent race stories and post as much as I can remember, but lots of people have been asking how the move went and if we're settled in so here is an update for now.

Wow what a busy time...  Everything has been going so well and I couldn't have asked for it to be better.  It was worth all the wait and effort and we worried and went through a lot to get moved but boy it is worth it. 

Moving day

The best things about the move is this house will work out perfect for all of us.  For Joshua and his new schools, a great town for all of us to do things, great places to eat, shop, and hang out.  It is quiet, peaceful....home.  Everything you can dream of having right here and mom has her own private place and so do we.

All moved in - Terri nabbed this photo at 5:30 AM before the morning coffee

The best part is that the mtb trails are two blocks away.  I've been training and playing on these trails all my life but now all I have to do is ride a couple of blocks and I'm there.  Terri, Mom, Victor, and Joshua all love it too.

We already  had a couple of friends over.  Terri's good friend Kriste Baroni came from St. Pete to help move - and kept us all sane!  Thank you Kriste!  With her help we were mostly unpacked within a week.  Roger Carlson stopped in after we'd only been here a couple days and were still up to the ceiling in boxes.  He brought wine and a boat which almost crushed his good leg when we tried to get it unhooked from the car.  We won't do that bonehead mistake again.

Kriste and Terri took a quick trip to Vegas for Terri's 'work'....hummmmm....!

Then a couple of weeks later for the US Cup race in Bonelli my teammate Jeremiah Bishop and his wife Erin and infant son Conrad came for a couple of nights.  The best test of all was the earthquake in the middle of the night!  So the first time ever that a teammate and his family ever have stayed with me we had an earthquake!!  We were all freaked out about it but this house is brand new and it felt solid.  We all feel more comfortable about being here and feel safe now.  Not sure if those West Virginia folks feel the same way, but this is California and there isn't much you can do about it except be as prepared as possible and try and stay calm and not stress out about it.  It's a way of life here and something to expect.

Joshua had his tonsils removed the week after the Bonelli race and that was traumatic for all of us.  It is just as tough on everyone, except we didn't have to feel the pain like he did.  But now he is completely recovered and sleeps so sound and stopped snoring.  Before he had sleep apnia so bad he was tired all day and snored like a freight train - louder than anyone can and was waking up all night.  What a huge improvement!  But when you watch your child go through a surgery it is tough.  We are so thankful he is a healthy child and pray for all those families with children who aren't as fortunate and have to go through that all the time.

Martha Stewart can't do better than this!

Easter came and went and it was awesome.  The Easter Bunny brought us a lot of chocolate and left a bunch of eggs out in the front yard.  Terri and Joshua with Mom Rose's help dyed eggs and made cupcakes all day on Saturday.  Then Sunday we had a nice Easter dinner after church with sister Sandy and BIL Chris.

Mom Rose and Joshua Easter morning

Flying NASA kite in the hills above our house Easter afternoon.  This is our new back yard!

Our new home in Whittier

Here are a few photos from the past few months....been too busy to take a lot but we'll make up for it now!  Whittier in the spring is BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks for reading.



Mike said...

Tinker, everything looks incredible! The house, the location, the family! Glad to hear all is well for you and I look forward to some of the race reports!

DavidJuarezJr said...

LOOKING GREAT! Can't wait to come see it dad...... Man Joshua is growing so fast miss my lil man anyways love ya'll