Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pedal Poll Summary

CONGRATULATIONS Gunnar for guessing the correct answer first. He sent the response almost immediately after the poll and blog story came up but I still can't find the box in the garage since we moved. Just wanted to catch up on the blog and send a very sincere thanks to all who participated in the polls! It cracked me up that only 28% of people got it correct.

The correct answer: I raced on those pedals for 15 years. I had friends picking up the pedals from shops all over the country and sending them to me since they had been out of production so long. Once I find something I like it is hard for me to change.

I am currently racing and LOVE the Crankbrothers Candy 1 pedals. They sent me some prototypes to try and they completely rock!  I've been using Crankbrothers for at least 4 years and they continue to impress me. 

"How many years did I race on these pedals?

The winner gets to keep them! I'll pay for shipping in the US.

Be sure to send me a message with your email addy and answer the poll on the right.

Whoever answers correctly first wins.

Hint: The pedals were in production for 3 years."

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