Monday, May 10, 2010

The Nisan Titan Desert Race in the Morrocan Desert - A Magic Carpet Ride

I'm too tired to write up the race story right now but wanted to tell everyone what a great trip it was.  I was fortunate enough to only get delayed 4 hours on the return flight from the volcano ash in Iceland but it's been a long 2 days traveling and time for rest now.  A huge thank you to the Cannondale Sports Group for putting together the Tinker Titan's team and all my teammates.  What a great time!  Thank you everyone.

More on the magic carpet ride later.....
Photo by Jb.

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DavidJuarezJr said...

Well daddio did you show them how it was done i hope u did good u sound exsuated LOVEE u cant wait to hear more