Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The June Turkey!

I'm having continued trouble with my internet connection at home so wife and I are heading to Verizon to get a satellite USB card today.  Meanwhile, a very quick update on the last few weeks of races...and to mention that I managed to win all three!  Here are the tree podium pics and a photo of my weapon of choice - the 2010 Cannondale Flash set up with the new XX components.  This bike is so much fun to ride and super light. I am loving it!
June 5 - Had a blast at the US Cup #5 race in Santa Barbara at Eling's Park and won the XC national race
June 12 - It was perfect weather and trail conditions in Temecula at the 12 Hours of Temecula.  I finished 15 laps and climbed over 17,000 feet!   
June 19 - I found out that I was in third place overall for the US Cup series, tied with fourth place, so I packed up the family and headed to Big Bear for the final US Cup race.  The course was fast and really fun.  It was perfect and I mainly battled it out with Vince Lombardi, who was in 2nd place for the series.  I watched him race and he was so smooth - what a great rider!  There were two right hand turns at the end and I came out of the corner before he did and finished about a bike length ahead.  It was a great race with super tough competition.  I don't have a photo of that finish but it was a surprise to me. 
Next up - Some serious altitude and climbing training in July to get ready for the Butte 100 in Montana on July 31 which will be a prelude to the Leadville 100 - I plan to finish what I started last year.  Then, the Mt. Washington Hill Climb in CT, and will round off August with the Kirwood Festival and 9 to 5 race in norCal.  These races should be perfect preparation for the Master World Championship XC races in Brazil in September.  For my whole career I have always wanted to earn those rainbow stripes.  This may be the year....
See you on the trails!


matt said...

Awesome work Tinker! So wait, you are doing Leadville?
Can't wait to see you in the WC stripes!

Sam said...

hope to see you up on the podium at leadville this year, you got robbed last time. good luck at worlds!