Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Incycle visit to get ready for Mt. Washington Hill Climb

Posting, emailing, browsing, anything on the internet has been such a pain since we moved here.  Even with this mobile internet thing it's worse than dial up...

Anyway, sorry for not being a good blogger lately but we will try our best to make time and keep up with the busy next two months of racing.  July was mostly intense training and getting ready for the Butte 100 this weekend, Leadville 100 in August, and the Mount Washington Hill Climb, a mountain climb on the road bike in New Hampshire on August 21...then I'll wrap up a busy month with a nice trip to Kirkwood to do the 9 to 5 with my very good friend Vic Armijo of Team Bigfoot. 

Meanwhile, Incycle has done a great job with my road bike to get ready for Mt. Washington.  They worked on my bikes for all my other events, too, and keep me race ready all the time.  Sram sent me some great components and the best hill climbing gears I could ask for so I think I've got everything I could possibly need for the event.  Here is the bike I'll ride but I'll train on my other Cannondale Supersix.  Just want to say how much I appreciate Sram and Incycle for all the support lately.  And a HUGE thank you to Cannondale and the team for such awesome support.

Happy trails....


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