Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tinker Won the 2010 Master MTB World Championship!

Rose, Joshua, and I were not able to travel with Tinker to Brazil for the MTB World Master Championship race today but we felt like we were there as we huddled around the computer watching the live webcam this morning.  We logged on just in time for the awards ceremony.  We haven't been able to talk with Tinker today so we did not know how the race went.  As we watched with much anticipation (emphasis on the anticipation part here), the third and second place guys entered the stage and climbed on top of the podium.  For what seemed like two minutes, Tinker strolled onto the stage and took his place on top of the number 1 position!  Rose, Joshua and I were screaming so loud and jumping we scared Joshua!  When he realized what we were so excited about he joined us! 

Tinker Juarez - the 2010 Master MTB World Champion

After we were able to contain ourselves, we sat there glued to the monitor to watch the media take photos and interviews. 


CONGRATULATIONS TINKER!!!  We know how hard you worked your whole life to earn those rainbow stripes.  We are soooooo proud!!!!!

We love you so much.

Terri, Joshua, Rose, & Victor

PS - Does this mean I should expect to see you wearing that jersey 24 hours a day for the next month?  ;-)


Sam said...

tinker, you've always been an inspiration to me and i'm so glad to see you win this! congratulations!

"Oh How Long The Road Is" said...

And you were thinking of hanging the bike up....

Congrats Tinker you so deserve this as an ambassador to the sport!

Minh said...

FINALLY!!! You should've been in rainbows YEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRSSS ago! Glad to see the the colors represented on a true champion!

renzocorsini said...

Tinker además de ganar el campeonato mundial, relizó el giro mas rápido de todas las categorías.
Grande Tinker!!!