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12 Hours of Temecula good story!

Jens Rans wrote a great story and put some pics in  I can't write this well and am very grateful for the kind words in the story.  Hope you like it too:

written by: Jens Raz

The final 12 Hours of Temecula of 2010 was on the horizon in Southern California. With beautiful weather on tap, hero dirt galore, a great 10 mile loop of singletrack was waiting for one large crowd of racers in Temecula. With temperatures ranging from the high 40s to the low 80s the competitors not only had to deal with the heat and cold, but also with the physiological demands of the desert race.

The usual protagonists were Tinker Juarez and Mr. Geoladders, himself Doug Andrews. However a dark horse was present to challenge Tinker’s dominance. The hopeful recipient of the "Tinker Challenge” of cold hard cash was to be rewarded for the fastest solo. Ant (Anthony) White the English long distance specialist and recent winner of the 2010 24hrs in the Old Pueblo solo category came out to prove himself and give Tinker a run for that money!

The gauntlet was thrown with Tinker taking the first lap and never relinquishing the lead. He finished with 1 lap over second and third place and racing until 6 minutes to go. Not only taking the "King of the Mountain” prize but also the fastest lap of the day with 40 minutes and 53 seconds. He would end the day with 130 dirt miles! Take that you Century riders!

The real battle was brewing between southern California endurance brawler Doug Andrews and the Englishman, Ant.

Anything can happen over 12 hours, and positions will change. A notoriously conservative starter, Ant followed Doug around Vail Lake for the first half of the day. As the day wore on and the temperatures dropped, consistency won over the early speedster. Taking 2nd place by less than a minute, which the Englishman, Ant White, accomplished, is nothing less than astounding. His second place memoirs follow;

"The ever growing 12 Hours of Temecula is one of my favorite races. I’ve done it 4 times now. The course is rewarding, the hard bits are followed by serious swoopy fun. The weather always seems to be as clement and the vibe positive. I was back over in the US seeing my girlfriend in Nevada and thought it would be rude not to get some Californian "base” miles in at 12 Hours of Temecula.

My race plan was to go off reasonably steady and push hard towards the end … hopefully when others were weakening. This was actually the only way I could play it as a 4 hour training ride earlier in the week went a bit wrong and turned into an 8 hour out and back as I missed my lift home … so my legs lack a little zip needed for a full-on early race effort.

There was a $400 dollar "prize fighting” purse up for anyone who could win solo at Temecula and beat Tinker Juarez. This certainly looked a tall order as Tinker seems to glide up the infamous "Damn Hill” at the start and opened up a big gap on the entire field. I had to dig in limit my losses.

The course actually was a little less grueling than some of the previous Temecula races. Only the really long initial climb was painful. Some "grindy techy” sections were side-stepped. For me that was probably a good thing, as I started to suffer in the heat. For the middle third of the race I tried to keep hydrated but lacked leg power. This changed when the sun went down at about 4 o clock. I felt refreshed.

I had resisted hassling my trusty pit princess Steph to give me lap splits, but sometime in the dark I was told I was in 3rd. This was half an hour down on Tinker and 15 minutes down on second. I did feel strong at this stage and pushed on quite hard, really enjoying the descents and attacking the climbs in much bigger gears than earlier in the day. My Exposure lights provided some serious firepower and my legs came to life probably because of the lower temperatures … although the use of compression leggings and Q rings probably have helped as well. Somewhere, somehow, I managed to overtake 2nd … I didn’t actually realize this until the prize ceremony!

Forever the bridesmaid I only snatched 2nd (3 times now), from Doug Andrews, by a minute in 11 hours 6 mins. Tinker showed his class by getting another lap in before the 12 hour cut off. Top marks to Jason [Ranoa], the race organizer, who carried off the longest prize giving ceremony/raffle in Christendom with aplomb. I hope to be passing through in January to stretch the legs and lungs once more.”

Pro Solo Men

1, Tinker Juarez (CFR) 13 laps
2, Ant White 12 laps
3, Doug Andrews (Geoladders) 12 laps
4, Bode Barreth 10 laps
5, Dez Wilder 7 laps
6, Joe Dupree 5 laps

Pro Solo Women

1, Timari Pruis
2, Joy Martin

Expert Solo Men

1, Jonathon Davis 11 laps
2, Henry Valenzuela III 9 laps
3, Dan Santos 9 laps
4, Scott Holland 8 laps
5, Sean Robman 7 laps
6, Juan Diaz 7 laps

Sport Solo Men

1, Aaron Campbell 11 laps
2, John Dang 11 laps
3, Aaron Johnson 10 laps
4, Mykyta Yurtyn 10 laps
5, Chris Branson 9 laps
6 Solovann Sim 9 laps

Clydesdale Solo Men
1, Mark Delaney 9 laps
2, Brandon Turley 7 laps
3, Thom Porterfield 6 laps
4, Damon Mann 6 laps
5, Jeremy Williams 5 laps

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