Friday, February 12, 2010

How many years did I race on these pedals?

How many years did I race on these pedals?

The winner gets to keep them!  I'll pay for shipping in the US.


Be sure to send me a message with your email addy and answer the poll on the right.
Whoever answers correctly first wins.
Hint:  The pedals were in production for 3 years.

Do you know what these things are??

If you answer right you can keep them!  You pay shipping.  Heck, I have a whole box of stuff I'll send you if you want it.

Send me a message and answer the survey on the right - make sure to send me your email addy.

PS - if you can answer this question you must be old like me.

Living on take out food and waiting for new keys

It's official.  We will be moving after 6 months of our lives on hold.  Man this is stressful.  We took these photos this morning - we are piled up to our heads in boxes and can't even get in the garage.