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First race in 2011 was a fun and fast 12 Hours in Temecula

Single track ridges

Well the first of three 12 Hours in Temecula races for 2011 happened this past weekend.  It was a very good start for the new year.  A 12 hour race is always really tough but I could not have asked for better weather, better conditions, better support, or a better race.  Everything went just about perfect.  Jason and Heather Ranoa put on a great race and the volunteers and everyone else out there were greatly appreciated.  Those folks are super nice and very good at what they do.  Niterider, which is one of my personal sponsors, was out there offering lights from a brand new rig for a light charging station, and I just want to send out an extra 'THANK YOU TOMMY!' for all your support from Niterider! 

Joshua got a good finish in the kids race.

My fitness felt very good, despite all the holiday goodies and the long break.  But here in Southern California, at least I get to ride even in the cold.  At least we don't get the blizzards or constant rain.  I also had jury duty the first week in January (my first time ever), which set me back a whole week, but I felt great and needed to race. 

The course that Jason laid out was just over 9 miles with sweet switchback single track, super fun roller coaster ridges, a few challenging sandy areas, and was overall a very fun and fast course.  It was really fun at night!  There was over 1000 feet of climbing per lap with a perfect mixture of single and double track.  The only thing I missed was a view of Vail Lake, but you can't have both the view and no dam climb at the same time... oh well, it was worth it!  There will be two more 12 hour races this year plus the marathon, so maybe we'll get a chance for the lake view later in the year....

I rode my Cannondale Flash this time, but I plan to try out the 29er very soon.  I hope to bring that out at the next race.  I ended up finishing 15 laps in 12 hours which was about 17,000 feet of climbing and 140 miles.   

Coming in for a landing

Joshua with his game face on

 Congratulations to all the other racers out there, especially all the folks racing for the very first time.  I especially was happy to see the young fast juniors out there. I just hope I can do my little part to help give them motivation to keep it up and hope for a successful potential career.  I am there to try and win races for my sponsors (and because I love it), but I hope I can show the new young men and women that they can do this too.  It is a lifetime of health and fitness and a lot of fun riding bikes!  Congrats everyone!
Someone sent me the Mountain Bike Race news ( story below that covers everything really well and much better than me....enjoy!



Tinker Takes Another Win At Vail Lake
written by: Jens Raz

Talking about the weather in California these days tends not to get boring. Guest riders were likely in love with the conditions, warm, dry and welcoming. Even though Saturday started in the 30s, the temps rose to the mid 70s quickly and topped out at a sunny 80 degrees.

Considering we have had a few months of consistent rain and cold conditions the promoters Heather and Jason Ranoa took advantage of the malleable ground and put some serious and "very” notable hours into making this one of the smoothest and fastest Temecula courses since the races inception about 5 years ago.

The course, being consistent with about 1100-1200 feet of climbing in just over 9 miles, was wickedly fast. In fact the fastest lap was only 37 minutes. Each steep but manageable leg-breaking climb was followed by a fast and exhilarating descent, giving meaning to the phrase "more gain with a little pain!”

What felt like an eternal or at least on going quest to break Tinker Juarez’s(Cannondale Factory Racing) stranglehold on the 12 hours of T-Town was tested for the first time in 2011 by a cast of veteran endurance racers and one newcomer. Greg Gibson(, who hails from Provo, Utah, had the most experience and real shot at breaking the Legend. He must have been excited to see some nice weather because he brought his A game.

A new and unknown challenger from San Diego, Bryan Taylor, brought not only his wife and child but also his Golden Retriever for support. The more the merrier during 12 hours!

TJ’s usual fast start broke open the field. Out of 7 pros, only Greg could stay close to Tinker. Staying within 10 minutes meant hard work ahead. Riding close to Tinker on his Cannondale for 12 hours in the end was too much even for the Highlander. Before dark fell upon Vail Lake, Tinker clawed out a lap over the challenger Gibson. Greg still having to defend second place to Bryan realized the race was far from over.

As Bryan put it "Greg started quicker than I did, I thought it better not to try to keep up as I expected I would pay for it later. My wife thought I was about 12 or 13 minutes behind him after 7 or so hours. I tried to speed up to see if I could close the gap. I think I made up some ground but then I struggled after it got dark. I was having a really hard time focusing; I was losing time on the descents. I kept adjusting my lights. I’ll know next time to change them after 8 or 9 hours. By the last few laps I’d given up trying to catch Greg, and rode to make sure I didn’t land in any bushes”.

Impressively enough this was 3rd place finisher, Bryan’s, first twelve hour race.

There was not much competition for the women’s Pro rider Amber Monforte. Taking first with a comfortable 6 laps on second place!

The newest and very popular 6-hour category had some of the closest racing of the day. A stunning 39 people gave it their best. None could muster the strength of Robert Herber though. The race promoter of the local Racers and Chasers XC series out foxed the rest of the field with 8 laps. The women’s title with 6 laps went to a dominant Rebecca Tomaszewski (Niner/Ergon).

Team Cytomax/KHS racks up the most laps with 17 total circuits. All the Cytomax riders were running 650b equipped KHS machines.

Pro/Expert Men Solo
1, Tinker Juarez (CFR) 15 laps
2, Greg Gibson ( 14 laps
3, Bryan Taylor 14 laps
4, Salter Fletcher 13 laps
5, Mike Castaldo 12 laps
6, Kevin Spaeht 11 laps
7, Bryan VanVleet 10 laps

Pro/Expert Women Solo
1, Amber Monforte 11 laps
2, Kim Bear 5 laps
3, Timari Prius 2 laps

Men Singlespeed Solo
1, David Gonzales 12 laps
2, Paul Adams 11 laps
3, Sage Bassett 11 laps
4, Alan Jacoby 10 laps
5, Andrew Dickinson 7 laps
6, Eric Parks 6 laps
7, Jeff Sigu 6 laps

Women Singlespeed Solo
1, Kathryn LaPointe 7 laps
2, Lisa Doud 6 laps

4-Person Open
1, Cytomax/KHS 17 laps
2, Rat Cheeks 16 laps
3, Topanga Creek Bicycles 14 laps
4, Team Incoherent 14 laps
5, Troupe Racing Comp 13 laps
6, GAHWESE 13 laps
7, Mudfoot 13 laps
8, Sour Krauts 12 laps
9, Conejo MB 12 laps
10, Team Hechan 11 laps
11, Conejo MB2 10 laps
Daddio and Joshua on the start line

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You passed me going 900 mph, awesome to witness. A total inspiration!

Chris from San Diego, doing the 6 hour category.