Friday, March 04, 2011

Hey all you Maryland folks!!!  Come join me and the Chain Gang at the Bike Dr of Warldorf on March 11th!!!  After the big birthday this weekend I am really looking forward to kicking it back and doing some cool rides.  There will be plenty of stuff to see and people to meet.  Come on out!!

3200 Leonardtown Rd

Waldorf, MD 20601

The event kicks off March 11th at Bike Dr Waldorf with autographs at 6:00 and an unforgettable evening of video's, swag, and a raffle to support Wheels 4 Life starting at 8:00. We encourage you to join the boys at a location near you for a great riding experience, autographs, and endless Red Bulls.

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Kyle said...

Where were you at the SageBrush Safari last weekend? We all missed you!