Wednesday, April 06, 2011


What can you buy for $234? 
You can even save it and after 20 years at 3% interest and it will magically turn into $426.05.
Today I wrote a check to the West Covina Courthouse for $234 to pay for a ticket I got for running a stop sign on my bike.
That sucks
What a waste of $234
But I won't be running stop signs on my bike any more.


Brian said...

Beats the $2k I paid for a door I kicked in when a car ran a stop sign...but I won't be kicking in car doors anymore either...

Great job last weekend at VQ Tinker!

Keys Soze said...

Sorry about that.

I'm pretty good about stopping, especially in the city. But, in my little neighbor hood I roll through them....much like most cars do.

So, the other day I rolled through the stop by my house and this guy rolls down his window and says, "Hey stop signs are for bikes too!"

Which is true, I can't argue that.

However, I see cars rolling through that stop sign everyday and I've never heard of a complaint.
Heck, I don't care.

Which fuels my belief that there's a serious anti-bike crowd amongst drivers out there..

Be careful, and take care,

Tinker Juarez said...

A couple of weeks ago at that same stop sign, I stopped. Then a couple of guys obviously training for the San Dimas Stage Race 2011 blew by it without the slightest attempt to slow down. Go figure a cop wasn't out there that day...