Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buns of steel & the Crankbrothers Iodine Saddle - it's THE ONE

Well, maybe not so much buns of steel because the buns need more cushion than a typical light weight race saddle can offer, but not a saddle that is too heavy. So the story is that I've been racing sans the shammy for my whole career. It's a real pain in the rear (pun intended) for clothing, because the shorts always come with pads, so I painstakingly beg my mom or wife to take them out for me. Sometimes I do cut them out too, but I always end up with holes in my shorts!

Cannondale now makes my kits special for me without pads, which I will forever be grateful for.

I started racing bikes so long ago when saddles were real heavy and soft, before pads were comfortable, and I was always real comfortable without the pad so I never really could get used to the pad thing. Then pads evolved and the saddles became thinner and lighter, some with cutouts or grooves down the middle, but my rear end didn't like any of them too much. I have been riding the Fizik Dolomiti for at least 8 years but Fizik stopped making them five years ago. Since then, Fizik has offered all their models, but not one of them worked for me. The Fizik saddles are super light weight and comfortable but as with all other race saddles made these days, they just didn't feel right. Either they were too wide, too long, didn't feel comfortable in the soft spot (you know what I mean), or whatever.... just not THE ONE.

When I spotted the new line of Iodione saddles that Crank Brothers designed and was displaying at Sea Otter last month, I asked them to sent me one to try out. It looked perfect...perfectly light weight, just the right amount of pad, the right length, width, and fit and it looked BEAUTIFUL. One of the things I thought about this saddle is that the white version looked perfect on my 2011 Scalpel and 29er Flash Cannondale race bikes. It doesn't look like a boring saddle, either. It's race ready with extra features to prevent sliding, and best of all, Crank Brothers is a sister company of Fizik, so we are keeping it in the family.
Then I rode it. That morning I rode 4 hours on the mountain bike in the hills. I didn't have to make too many adjustments, and got it positioned just right. I was so happy about how it felt that about an hour into my ride, I texted my wife and told her that it would work for me. Three hours later I practically kissed my new Crankbrothers Iodine - I was so happy! YAHOO!! I've got to let everyone know that the new Crank Brothers Iodine saddles are definitely worth testing and especially for the long hard endurance rides and races. That is what they are made for... and also for my buns of steel.


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kayak surge said...

Tinker nice seeing you at Sea Otter. I am happy to read this post you just made, I just broke my Fizik Gobi and I was thinking what saddle should I buy. I was always fond of the WTB saddles but had not tried any of the newer lighter race saddles. I am a BIG fan of Crank Brothers and after reading your review I may have to order one myself. Thanks again, see you in Leadville.
Sergio H