Monday, June 06, 2011

4 hours of Temecula

What happened???  I have beaten another lesson-learned into my thick skull.  Yep - it takes me multiple times to figure stuff out sometimes.

June 2011 Singletrack at 12 Hours of Temecula

My five races at the 12-Hours of Temecula winning streak went back to 2008 and I blew it this past weekend because I was definitely not on my game.  Sometimes you got days when something gets out of wack, and that is just the way racing goes. I guess you can say that about just about everything.  I learned (again) that everyone is human and we all have limits.  My limits were the 12 hour race in Sonora Mexico just the weekend before (that I won), a couple days during the week where I went training a bit too hard, and hanging out and having too much fun and staying up way too late on the Friday night before the race. 

Desert quail checking me out!

So, I am really grateful for the terrific weather, beautiful scenery in Temecula wine country, and awesome fast course that Jason and the crew worked on for weeks before the race.  Jason and Heather Ranoa and their crew did another great job, with a record number of people participating in the event.  Everyone keeps on coming back, and bringing friends because of the great work they do!  These two are wonderful people and they really have their act together - the races are always so much fun and everyone out there (over 700 riders, plus spectators, vendors, volunteers, etc.) was having a great time. 

700 racers at 12 Hours of Temecula

Joshua participated in the kids race and came in a tie for the win in his age group after a sprint to the finish!  There were at least 40 kids!  Awesome!
Joshua with his winning prize

I headed out to the lake to fish and wallow in my sorrows early on Sunday morning with Ed and Scott.  We got a couple of good hits, but no fish for breakfast!  We just relaxed and kicked back.  Now I've got to spend some time recovering - which I should have done before Temecula...

Scott, Ed, and me after fishing Sunday morning

Congrats to all that finished and I'll see you again in November.



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