Sunday, September 25, 2011

Park City Point 2 Point video

What a great race this was!!  I'm still recovering from so much travel and sick with a bad cold...will work on the stories hope soon!

Check out the PCP2P video!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tour de Timor video stream and update after Stage 5

Tinker checked in after stage 5 and he had a good day but the connection was bad and we got cut off before he could say how he finished.  Will have to wait for the results to be posted!! 
Check out for results, videos, photos, and updates: cyclingnews

Here is a video updated through stage 5 ~ good stuff!!

Should be live feed at race start time


Video streaming by Ustream

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tour de Timor 2011 Update - after stage 3

We have not been able to talk with Tinker since the day before the Tour de Timor began in Dili, Timor-Lest in Indonesia but we have been able to keep track on the race website:, where they've been posting daily race reports. 
Tinker earned the King of the Mountain jersey (and $1,000 USD) and 4th place during the first stage from Dili to Laclubar, with 6:42 behind the winner Adrian Jackson.  Tinker had a strong third place finish on Day 2 with third overall; and another strong 4th place finish on Day 3, with 4th overall. 
The field of racers is very impressive, and the $100,450 USD prize purse has attracted strong racers from 12 countries.  The majority are top road, cyclocross, and mtb competitors from Australia, including U23 World Champion and Australian National Champion Paul van der Ploeg along with teammate and U23 National Champion Luke Fetch.  Also from Australia, the top finishers included World MTB Orienteering Champion Adrian Jackson, National Marathon Champion Ben Mather, and veteran Australian National MTB Chamion Rohin Adams, among many other notable athletes.  
So that purse is not coming easy to any of the racers, who are spending at least 4 nights of the 6 stage race in tents along the route.  It looks like the entire country of Timor-Lest is cheering them on, and enjoying the festivities of the annual visit from the racers. 
Results after Stage 3:
Stage 3 13/9/2011 7 Paul van der Ploeg Overall 1 02:33:34 2:33:34 00:00:00
Stage 3 13/9/2011 19 Luke Fetch Overall 2 02:33:35 2:33:35 00:00:01 0:01
Stage 3 13/9/2011 1 Adrian Jackson Overall 3 02:35:02 2:35:02 00:01:28 1:28
Stage 3 13/9/2011 4 Tinker Juarez Overall 4 02:36:28 2:36:28 00:02:54 2:54
Stage 3 13/9/2011 13 Ben Mather Overall 5 02:36:44 2:36:44 00:03:10 3:10
Stage 3 13/9/2011 124 Rohin Adams Overall 6 02:40:20 2:40:20 00:06:46 6:46
Stage 3 13/9/2011 6 Scott Liston Overall 7 02:41:17 2:41:17 00:07:43 7:43
Stage 3 13/9/2011 246 Christopher Hanson Overall 8 02:42:59 2:42:59 00:09:25 9:25
Stage 3 13/9/2011 169 Alex Denham Overall 9 02:43:02 2:43:02 00:09:28 9:28
Stage 3 13/9/2011 338 Matt King Overall 10 02:43:08 2:43:08 00:09:34 9:34
Stage 3 13/9/2011 278 Kel Boers Overall 11 02:43:21 2:43:21 00:09:47 9:47
Paul van der Ploeg chats with Tinker Juarez after the stage.
Paul van der Ploeg chats with Tinker Juarez after stage 2.
Tinker is currently in 4th place overall. 
Looking down on the course

Check out the Race Route:

Famed for its smooth seaside rides, gruelling climbs, spectacular mountain views and unprecedented crowd support, riders will be treated to a rare and special insight into Timor's unique geography, environment, people and culture.

2011 Tour de Timor in a larger map

Stages for this year's Tour de Timor will range between 60km and 136km per day.
Stage 1 Sun 11 Sep Dili to Laclubar
View Stage 1 map
Stage 2 Mon 12 Sep Laclubar to Beacu
View Stage 2 map
Stage 3 Tue 13 Sep Beacu to Illiamar
View Stage 3 map
Stage 4 Wed 14 Sep Illiamar to Com
View Stage 4 map
Stage 5 Thu 15 Sep Com to Manatuto
View Stage 5 map
Stage 6 Fri 16 Sep Manatuto to Dili
View Stage 6 map

Course Profile

View the combined Course Profile for all sixstages.
2011 TdT Course Profile
2011 TdT Course Profile
Tinker Juarez
Good luck for the rest of the journey Tinker!
Photo and info credits to Tour de Timor
Event website:

Tour de Timor Day 3 - Beacu to Lliomar


Wednesday, September 07, 2011 story on the Park City Point 2 Point: Cannondale CFR goes 1-2!!!

Just a quick and sincere congratulations to teammate Alex Grant for a great race!

Alex Grant recalls the days where he would feel nauseous after every endurance race. "I'd have to lie on the ground for an hour after," he said. View Full Story