Sunday, October 02, 2011

The green and orange stuff on my gloves

Unfortunately, I had to make a really tough decision to miss the 24 hours of Colorado Springs National Solo MTB Championship this past weekend. I had the flu since I returned from the Tour de Timor two weeks ago, which was an amazing 6 day stage race in Indonesia  (I'm almost finished with that epic story...more on that later). But  I was still coughing up nasty stuff on Wednesday night before I had to leave for Colorado so I cancelled the trip. 

I just could not sit idly by knowing there were two other local important events to I packed up the family in the camper and headed to Temecula for a nice relaxing weekend of camping. Oh, and when I woke up on Saturday I decided to race the SoCal Marathon Championship race. It went well. Real well.... except for the green and orange stuff caked on my gloves and shorts...but at least I feel good and I got some special lovin in with my new hardtail carbon Cannondale Flash 29er. She was SUPER SWEET to me!   I definitely knew that I made a good decision by not trying to race a National 24 hour race. I gave it all I had but was in no shape to race again at the Kenda Cup today.  Now time for sleep.

Check out the way cool coverage from the new web based cyling TV news -  I'll work on a race story to post for this race, too. 

Rat was out there filming. What a great event! And THANK YOU URIDE!!

Peace and health,


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