Monday, June 20, 2011

Custom Helmet Painting by Nick Tsokalas

Hey ~ if you ever want anyone to paint team helmets or want a personal a custom design, here is your guy:
He's been painting my Uvex helmets for 5 years now and I cannot gush enough over how awesome they all have been.  Nick Tsokalas created this special one for 2011 with a theme for the 'golden' year (because I turned 50 this year) and my winning the master world champion title. 
Nick is awesome.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Carlos Mexico: A great place to escape and have a 12 hour bike race!

Once every now and then, a good friend asks you to come along to an adventure trip and a chance to also do a fun race with a good cause to support. This year, my long time friend, Carlos Willis from Mexico, invited me to go to San Carlos, Sonora Mexico and race a 12 hour event in support of a local organization that helps disabled children. Of course, a good cause and a chance to see a friend are always an excellent excuse to rearrange my agenda. And of course, knowing Carlos, there were many other fun activities he for sure would arrange. So I agreed to do the trip.

Press conference before the race

The Adventour bikeshop & Water Sports of San Carlos, owned and managed by Jesus Frias, was in charge of organizing the event, along with Manuel Espriu and Eric Fairfield. They were sponsored by the hotel , the local Tourism Office of Sonora, and many other local and State businesses always eager to support good causes. I arrived in Hermosillo, Sonora directly from LAX and Carlos and Jesus were there to pick me up. We then drove 1.5 hours to the magnificent beach town of San Carlos. San Carlos is a true “Diamond in rough” in the middle of the Sea of Cortez. There is a population of about 3,000, most of them retirees from the US and Canada, and a good size group of adventurous souls that truly make this place an Outdoor Activity Heaven. The biggest activity here is Sea Fishing, where you can find all kinds of trophies such as Swordfish, Sailfish, Marlin, and the very wild Dorado, or as we call it Mahi-Mahi. Fishing is so big here, that they have 3 live Marinas and many dry ones. I think there are more boats here than people! Who knows, but the next morning Eduardo Lemmenmeyer and Mauricio Monrreal, owner and manager of the Marina Terra Hotel where I stayed, put us early in the morning on Don Julio, a beautiful 41 foot Yacht captained by two experienced seamen. This Yacht had all the amenities one could need, including all the professional fishing gear and snacks necessary to make my fishing experience one to always remember.  Of course it is always good to get a good relaxing day of fishing in before a hard race!

Me, Captain Jack, and Jesus and his big ass Mahi

The big catch
me and Jesus

Carlos, Jesus and I were there to have a wonderful 5 hours fishing trip that ended with 5 beautiful Dorados, one of them being a 28 lb monster that fed 10 of us later that night. We also got to see many dolphins, Sailfish and sea turtles. Later when we arrived at the San Carlos Marina, the fish were cleaned and turned to the hotel´s restaurant to be cooked for supper and the rest were vacuumed packed. Nice package for any outsider with fishing in mind. The fish were cooked in five or six different ways and it was delicious. It was great to have the race organizers there at supper, especially after the cool margaritas that cheered the group.

Race day came along and I took it easy during the morning and after lunch I assembled my 26” wheel Cannondale Flash and all the gear ready for this especial 12 hour race, where my Nite-Rider lights, that were fully charged, made me confident about my performance. This race has been around for 7 years and has always started at 5 PM, ending at 5 AM the next morning. So close to 10 hours were at night, so having reliable lighting equipment is crucial. Of course, what better than my Nite-Rider lights to do the job. And well they did!!

The race had about 140 participants mostly from the Northern States of Mexico and some real good riders from Arizona and New Mexico. It started with a 200 yard dash and off we went on a 6 mile course filled with tricky sand traps, sharp turns and loose gravel. Overall the course was fast and fun. I felt good since the beginning and was able to do 29 laps in 11 hours. Got first place, and I was satisfied with my performance. But I was more satisfied with all the people cheering throughout the night and all over the course. I was also surprised that many riders came to me after the race for autographs and to take pictures with me. There were even some that had pictures of them and me, from a visit I did to Hermosillo several years back, to have them signed. What a good feeling!!

San Carlos 12 hour Endurance Mountain Bike Race from Vince Radice on Vimeo.

Oops, I've got to figure out how to get the Vimeo video on here.  Check out the link - but just one correction - the narrator misunderstood me...I said I am NOT retiring any time soon!  I'll keep racing as long as my body and brains can handle it!  Since the brain department is low on cells, I might be doing this forever!

I'd like to thank Carlos Willis and Jesus Frias and all the people involved in having me there at this well organized event. It is always fun to go to places where people greet you with sincerity and enthusiasm, you get to see old friends, fish big game, enjoy the stay, and win the race!! But there was something missing….. My biggest group of fans: Terri, Joshua and Rose. But I will return here someday soon, with them!!

Carlos at sunset after the big race.  What a great weekend!
Thank you for everything everyone!  I had a blast.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 2011 Mountain Bike Action birthday coverage!!

John Ker wrote an awesome story in the June issue of MTB Action about my birthday party.  Thanks so much John!
June 2011 Article by John Ker

John Ker cruising along Cow Trail in Turnbull Canyon.  John is a legendary photographer for MTB Action and was inducted into the MTB Hall of fame in 2010
(John totally rocks!)

Terri made this design the theme of the party and made awesome T-shirts.  Let me know if you want to buy one and we can get enough pre-orders to place an order.  Email me dtinkerj at with a number and sizes!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Knobby Time MTB Race at Bonelli Park Thursdays! June 16, 23, & 30

Knobby Time MTB Race at Bonelli Park Thursdays! June 16, 23, & 30
Hey LA and OC MTBers!  Check out this way cool and local brand new 3-race MTB fun series!
See you there.
Contact Info:
Cycle Events Company
6745 Washington Ave. #117
Whittier, Ca. 90601

Knobby Time Series

Venue and Start Time
Bonelli Park in San Dimas
Parking is $10.00
Race Start Time:
(6:00 pm)
Classes will go off in 1 min. waves starting with Pro/Expert
Off the 57 Fwy, Via Verde Exit

Monday, June 06, 2011

4 hours of Temecula

What happened???  I have beaten another lesson-learned into my thick skull.  Yep - it takes me multiple times to figure stuff out sometimes.

June 2011 Singletrack at 12 Hours of Temecula

My five races at the 12-Hours of Temecula winning streak went back to 2008 and I blew it this past weekend because I was definitely not on my game.  Sometimes you got days when something gets out of wack, and that is just the way racing goes. I guess you can say that about just about everything.  I learned (again) that everyone is human and we all have limits.  My limits were the 12 hour race in Sonora Mexico just the weekend before (that I won), a couple days during the week where I went training a bit too hard, and hanging out and having too much fun and staying up way too late on the Friday night before the race. 

Desert quail checking me out!

So, I am really grateful for the terrific weather, beautiful scenery in Temecula wine country, and awesome fast course that Jason and the crew worked on for weeks before the race.  Jason and Heather Ranoa and their crew did another great job, with a record number of people participating in the event.  Everyone keeps on coming back, and bringing friends because of the great work they do!  These two are wonderful people and they really have their act together - the races are always so much fun and everyone out there (over 700 riders, plus spectators, vendors, volunteers, etc.) was having a great time. 

700 racers at 12 Hours of Temecula

Joshua participated in the kids race and came in a tie for the win in his age group after a sprint to the finish!  There were at least 40 kids!  Awesome!
Joshua with his winning prize

I headed out to the lake to fish and wallow in my sorrows early on Sunday morning with Ed and Scott.  We got a couple of good hits, but no fish for breakfast!  We just relaxed and kicked back.  Now I've got to spend some time recovering - which I should have done before Temecula...

Scott, Ed, and me after fishing Sunday morning

Congrats to all that finished and I'll see you again in November.